Turning Micro-Moments Into Social Marketing Magic

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Turning Micro-Moments Into Social Marketing Magic

Apr. 11, 2018

The way consumers utilize and access brands via mobile has drastically changed how we build relationships and, in turn, the way businesses create meaningful connections with shoppers. Face-to-face encounters at brick and mortar locations are no longer the first contact we have with customers; instead, our first interactions are likely to occur digitally—and take place in a much shorter time frame.

Micro-moments are driving the successful consumer experience because they are quickly understood, easy to digest, and memorable. Not only does their quickness resonate with fast-paced consumer lifestyles, but their intentional messaging hits home with today’s savvy shoppers. Dealerships that master micro-moments and the powerful connections that can be gained from them are the ones working marketing magic and being recognized time and again by loyal consumers.

Defining Micro-Moments

Today’s shoppers gravitate toward micro-moments for several reasons. These moments are short bursts of intentional social marketing that resonate with consumers and provide memorable content. While shopper attention spans are growing shorter, the marketplace is growing more crowded—and this creates an even more challenging landscape for businesses when it comes to getting noticed and being remembered by shoppers. For this reason, dealerships that create unique micro-moments with content that really hits its mark will stand out from the crowd.

While many of your social media marketing campaigns take time, effort, and in-depth planning, that’s not necessarily the case when you implement micro-moments into your plan. While micro-moments are intentional and highly relevant to your brand message, they should feel quick and spontaneous and shouldn’t leave your followers with the feeling the moments were planned or set up to “sell” them. The best and most effective micro-moments are opportunities for engagement, allowing you to start conversations and interactions with your audience.

Your Dealership and Micro-Moments

Shoppers in just about every industry are going online to shop, research, and get consumer feedback; and that means they’re getting many of their insights and making decisions before visiting brick and mortar stores. Whenever shoppers access information, view product videos or reviews, take quizzes or tutorials, or even interact with online chat apps or individuals from your dealership via social platforms, they are participating in micro-moments. All of these small interactions help to give shoppers a snapshot of your brand—and it’s up to you to determine how memorable that snapshot will be.

When you leverage the power of micro-moments to deliver messages that resonate with consumers, you’ll make your dealership more memorable. And when you use micro-moments to share knowledge, updates, and insights, you’ll build your credibility and earn consumer trust. Try some of the following to start building unique micro-moment experiences that will encourage shoppers to seek you out in the marketplace:

Offer video. From lot walk-throughs to interviews on the showroom floor, unique and creative video can keep shoppers interested and make your dealership memorable. Change things up, post on a variety of platforms, and get in on the live-feed trend to capture shopper attention.

Be visual. In addition to video, still images resonate with shoppers, so be sure to stay up to date and provide new images to pique their interest and keep them coming back. Visuals are a quick way to convey your overall message and reach consumers in a memorable way.

Answer questions. In addition to a great website, consider live chat, a great FAQ page, and even a specified time to interact on social platforms and answer shopper questions. Your presence makes a big impact and can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale!

De-mystify. Choose a topic that’s typically daunting and break it down to an easy-to-understand format. For example, explain a complicated financing process with a quick tutorial that’s shareable. You’ll likely get plenty of hits from customers who want to understand and share what you’re explaining.

Be quick. Today’s shoppers are in a hurry, and they expect quick answers and feedback, so if you can be first on the scene with insightful information that helps them along in their buyer journeys, you’ll likely be remembered. Shoppers make many decisions based on online feedback, so be sure to keep an eye on your reputation and be quick to respond and interact to feedback—both positive and negative—as well.

Make it personal. When you do a great job of providing targeted and personalized content—and showing you truly know your audience—you’ll make great strides toward capturing the magic of micro-moments. Shoppers want to feel like you are speaking directly to them, so do your homework and offer relevant, enlightening posts.

The world is moving at breakneck pace, and however you decide to reach consumers, it’s important to embrace the power of micro-moments to help you remain top of mind and gain an edge in the marketplace. Shoppers are looking for the moments that matter, and when you offer intentional, quick bursts of valuable marketing that resonate, you’ll grow an audience that looks to you for information and valuable industry insights.

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