Get in front of your customers with trade-in offers personalized to them.

Giving you proven opportunities in the service drive.

Service Lead Management incorporates Pando X’s streamlined communications and AlertMiner’s predictive analytics for the right conversation, with the right service customer, every time.

  • Customer Enters the Service Drive

    Even before your customer has arrived, they could have received a personalized offer to buy a car.

  • All Customer Data is Compiled

    Their vehicle is logged in with a VIN scan, DMS integration, or RFID. Your customer’s profile information is immediately pulled and prepared.

  • Pando X Alerts Your Team With Info

    Pando X compiles the information sending it to your sales team immediately. You choose who gets the alert to approach the sale. Your team member will have all the information about their vehicle, payments, and even scripts to help make the approach.

  • A Personalized Offer is Created

    Pulling the most pertinent data from AlertMiner, a customized offer is created meeting all the criteria to make the sale. The offer is printed or sent directly to the sales member’s phone.

  • Sales Presents a Customized Offer

    Sales member meets with customer and presents upgrade proposal that was taken directly from the AlertMiner's dealsheet.

    Even if no one from your sales team is able to make it to the customer, they’ll receive a printed offer at the cashier and sales will be notified again.

  • The Sale is Made

    The deal is made. The keys are swapped. High fives and handshakes. Now it’s time to find a new buyer for that pre-owned vehicle.


Sales on the Service Drive

Get the right deal – and the right approach – for every customer in your service drive, whether they’ve purchased from you or not.

Be alerted immediately when an opportunity enters the service drive
Quick access to a personalized deal for every service customer
Opportunity to reach service customers with their best deal before they even arrive
Source desirable used cars right from your service lane
Build customer relationships and loyalty
How do 2,436 dealers successfully manage their service to sales?

A personalized experience, with personalized options, for all of your service customers.

Your service lane can be an ideal place for sales and relationship-building, but you have to know what each customer wants, and when. With Service Lead Management, your team will have the best deal for every service customer, right at their fingertips, with the ability to print the offer on the spot.

It also provides the perfect opportunity to source used cars right from your service drive.

  • “Our results keep getting better every single month." MARK KEELER
    Director of Client Porfolio Management, Johnson Lexus