New Facebook Options and Hacks for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

New Facebook Options and Hacks for Social Media Marketing

Apr. 11, 2018

If you’re looking for ways to increase your Facebook business page reach and gain a larger social media marketing following, consider some of these options and hacks to boost and optimize your page. Often gaining more traffic just requires a bit of tweaking and some clever strategy and hacks—much of which can be done without paying to boost a post. Check out these eight Facebook options and hacks to find out more:

Invite people to your business page who aren’t on your person Facebook friend list. As a manager for a Facebook business page, it’s important to find ways to invite more people outside of your personal friend list. Simply click on the people who’ve liked a post and invite the users who aren’t already following your page to quickly grow your audience outside of those you already know. This a great way to grab a quick like from those who are already engaging and liking your content.

Expand your reach by posting at least four times daily. Posting at least four times a day is suggested as the “magic” number for social media strategy. With Facebook’s algorithm constantly changing and posts not reaching a large portion of your followers each time, not every post will make it into everyone’s newsfeed. Fortunately, even if every post did appear in a follower’s newsfeed—among the other content throughout the day in their feed—it won’t be too much or not enough to get noticed. Posting numerous times a day keeps your page upbeat and gets users’ and followers’ attention.

Curate. Sharing and interacting with other pages’ content, especially popular social pages and businesses with lots of followers, helps you out in the long run. Tag the people you’re sharing and often they start to interact with you and share your content, too. Generally, the more popular a post is on Facebook, the greater the reach—so even you’re sharing someone else’s content, your page is still receiving a greater reach from it.

Target locations or languages with your organic posts. For no cost, you’re still able to target specific audiences by location and language on your Facebook business page. In order to turn on this feature, you’ll find it located in Settings under General and can change it by enabling “Audience Optimization for Posts” to target and select a preferred audience for certain posts.

Format graphics. Each social media platform has an image size that works best for it. Facebook’s ideal photo size is 470 pixels wide by 246 pixels tall. Although not using this exact size won’t break your Facebook success, it can help your posts gain more clicks and allow users to correctly view and read your images. Oftentimes on Facebook, when images connected to posts are square or taller than they are wide, text can be hidden and focus points of an image may not appear as clearly, causing users to scroll on by.

Generate engagement by posing questions on your social media marketing  posts. When creating ads, boosting posts, or simply just making a status, keep your text as conversational as possible. It’s often best to pose questions, which will generate better engagement and give followers a reason to comment or react to your posts. This interaction and commenting will, in turn, broaden your post reach.

Check and utilize Facebook Insights. Knowing the best times to post and monitoring your Facebook insights is key. The Insights tab offers an overview of your page or clicking “Reach” will show you how many clicks a post received, if your page was un-liked, if a post was hidden, and how many engaged with your post. Using this information allows you to decide what your audience wants more of and what they don’t like, which is beneficial in gaining and maintaining a following. It’s also important to share your best content at peak interaction times for your specific business page. Beyond utilizing your business page features, try getting your employees involved as employee advocates sharing content on their personal pages. Employee generated content gets eight times more views than a brand page, and it’s a simple way to grow your audience and your reach.

Delete posts that receive little to no reach. If a post’s reach and engagement is much lower than usual, it may actually be best to just delete it. Facebook’s algorithm rewards pages and posts that are gaining interaction and will hide or show less of a page’s posts when they don’t do well. In order to make your page more visible to users’ Facebook newsfeed, optimize your page’s post and weed out the bad ones. If there’s a post you really need more interaction on, consider liking it with your own personal page, promoting it to your employees, or reposting it at a different time or date for better interaction.

Overall, optimizing your Facebook business page just requires a tiny bit of effort and a few solid hacks and tips. Invite people to follow your page if they’re already engaging in your content, post often, share, target, format images, create social conversation, use your insights, and consider removing anything that gets little to no reach. Regardless of how many followers your page has, it’s still very possible to reach thousands more users who don’t already follow you on a weekly or daily basis, and in turn, gain a larger following and reach over time.

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