Listen to what the top dealers are saying about AutoAlert.

Michael Tasca - Tasca Automotive Group - Testimonial

“It gives you the ability to transform how you look at your service database.”

Michael Tasca, Tasca Automotive Group

Dan Woolston - McCarthy Toyota of Sedalia - Testimonial

“The Service to Sales tool gives you the data to be able to talk to the people.”

“Cowboy Dan” Woolston, General Manager at McCarthy Toyota of Sedalia

Dave Raymond - Erinwood Ford - Testimonial

“It’s a very slick interface. I can easily see what’s happening with everything.”

Dave Raymond, Dealer Principal at Erinwood Ford

Stu Berkley - Middletown Honda - Testimonial

“It gives your customer confidence that you’re paying attention to them.”

Stu Berkley, General Manager at Middletown Honda

AutoAlert Testimonial - Jeremy Stasek - Bill Stasek Chevrolet

“AutoAlert works for us because we’ve made it part of our process.”

Jeremy Stasek, Executive Manager at Bill Stasek Chevrolet

AutoAlert Testimonial - Aubrie Larson - Larry H. Miller Group

“Having everything in one place makes for a much better customer experience.”

Aubrie Larson, Director of CRM at Larry H Miller Group

AutoAlert Testimonial - Jason Wabick - West Herr Automotive Group

“… we have 33 out of 35 stores on the AutoAlert platform.”

Jason Wabick, Prospecting Coach at West Herr Automotive Group

AutoAlert Testimonial - Ariel Szwec - Arlington Heights Buick GMC

“AutoAlert is a step above everyone else.”

Ariel Szwec, Dealer Principal at Arlington Heights Buick GMC

AutoAlert Testimonial - Mollie Pester - Walser Nissan

“I love that it gives me a backstory on the customer.”

Mollie Pester, Loyalty Manager at Walser Nissan

AutoAlert Testimonial - John Rodriguez - Arlington Heights Ford

“AutoAlert is very easy to use, in my opinion.”

John Rodriguez, GSM at Arlington Heights Ford

AutoAlert Testimonial - John Pohlig - Scott Robinson Auto Group

“AutoAlert saves us tons of time.”

John Pohlig, Marketing Director at Scott Robinson Automotive Group

AutoAlert Testimonial - John Guido Jr. - Arlington Heights Ford

“AutoAlert is extremely important to our dealership because it not only helps our front end, it helps our back end a lot!”

John Guido, General Manager at Arlington Heights Ford

AutoAlert Testimonial - Kyndahl Keddy - Barrie CDJR

“When you’re using AutoAlert you can talk to your customers from a Sales and Service approach.”

Kyndahl Keddy, Upgrade Specialist at Barrie CDJR

AutoAlert Testimonial - Cassie Smith - Arlington Heights Ford

“I was able to sell two cars off that one phone call.”

Cassie Smith, BDC Director at Arlington Heights Ford

AutoAlert Testimonial from Brian Huth at Sam Pack's Five Star Ford

“AutoAlert is the most powerful tool and the best dashboard available in the market space.”

Brian Huth, General Manager at Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford of Dallas

AutoAlert Testimonial - James Wacker

“We’re pumping them out and we need a system that’s going to make it easy.”

James Wacker, Internet Sales Manager at Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford Dallas

Robert Southard - GSM, McCarthy Toyota in Sedalia | AutoAlert Testimonial

“Now that we have AutoAlert, we’re able to go in educated, prepared, and ready for battle.”

Robert Southard, General Sales Manager at McCarthy Toyota of Sedalia

Tina Norton, BDC/CRM Specialist at Herb Chambers Companies

“We have a lot of inventory challenges right now. AutoAlert gives us the opportunity to be creative and proactive.”

Kirk Thoren, Loyalty Manager at Walser Buick GMC

“The data that lives within AutoAlert, I don’t think you can get that from any other program.”


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