AutoAlert is automotive’s first and only Customer Experience Platform.

Powered by our Industry-leading A.I. (automotive intelligence) to drive immediate results through Data Application, Incentive Management and Equity Solutions. CXM from AutoAlert uses complex algorithms to empower dealer partners to leverage data in specific consumer offerings at the right time, to drive opportunities, service to sales, campaigns and communicate it with immediacy.

Data & Equity Mining

Using big data & predictive analytics to find sales opportunities in your DMS.

Intelligent Marketing

Personalized campaigns to ensure engagement and conversion.


Providing simple visibility and management of daily engagement activities.

Service Leads

Preparing your team for the right conversation with the right service customer.

GEO Framing

Know who is shopping on your (or any competitor’s) lot.

AI Assistant

Leveraging AI to schedule appointments with your customers.

Big data isn’t worth anything unless it’s actionable in a proven, profitable way.

AlertMiner connects your customers with credible, high-converting deals, using Service Lead Management, Pando X, and One-to-One Intelligent Marketing.

The end result?

More cars sold, higher gross profits, and an improved customer experience, resulting in increased retention and loyalty.

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Send the right message to the right customer at the right time.

OEM Approved Offer Statements
Email Campaigns
Personalized Landing Pages
Call Tracking
Multi-Vehicle Offers
Comphrehensive Reporting
Targeted Facebook Advertising
Mobile Activation Ads
AI Automated Follow Up

Just 48 hours from incentive announcment to customer communication!

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How dealerships of the future operate as market leaders today.

Pando X provides simple visibility and management of daily engagement activities. Designed specifically for sales, BDC, and service staff. Pando X is your daily task manager and activity portal for intelligent follow-up allowing users to focus only on quality engagements that drive sales and gross margins.

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Delivers targeted, real-time ads when buyers are in market.

Identifies mobile devices and attaches IP addresses to know who the lead really is with name and street address.

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Leaves your team to do what they do best: close sales

  • Never hesitates to get in touch
  • Never has a sick day
  • Never gets discouraged
  • Always uses the most engaging personalization, language and practices
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Giving you proven opportunities in the service drive.

Service Lead Management incorporates Pando’s streamlined communications and AlertMiner’s predictive analytics for the right conversation, with the right service customer, every time.

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Harness the power of communication.

Do you know which employees are in your dealership right now? And who’s available to work? Would you like a smoother process for onboarding and offboarding employees? With one tool, you can supercharge your dealership.

More cars sold with a higher gross profit.

Use One-to-One Intelligent Marketing to engage your customers and give them what they want – sometimes even before they know it.

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The industry leader in customer experience and trade cycle management.

AlertMiner tells you which customers are the most likely to buy today, at the highest profit to your dealership, based on nine different alerts and patented data analytics.