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For sales opportunities that gross higher profits and convert faster than any other leads.

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Internal messages about the customer.
View all vehicles a customer owns.
Built-in dynamic phone scripts.
Customer upgrade proposals.
Personalized statement offers.
Dealership engagement.
Customer shopping behavior and demographics.
SMS Texting

Opportunities by Alert

A 215 Alert
F 34 Flex
I 32 In-Market
E 62 Engaged
S 712 Service
P 134 Pending Service
M 1439 Mileage
W 635 Warranty
C 2335 Contract End

We make data actionable

AlertMiner tells you which customers are the most likely to buy today, at the highest profit to your dealership, based on nine different alerts and patented data analytics.

How did AutoAlert help dealers sell 647, 704 vehicles last year?

Drive more sales than ever before.

AlertMiner makes it an exciting time to be an automotive dealer. With all of the information you have on your customers, plus what is available online, you now have the ability to serve your customers like never before – and sell cars like never before. That’s the power of predictive analytics.