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More cars sold with a higher gross profit.

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Our first campaign resulted in a record-breaking month! Since then, we have run every month. One-to-One will now be included in our monthly marketing plan.

President, Gary Crossley Ford

Our dedicated One-to-One marketing expert reviews our data every month and identifies our highest-value targets. Best of all, due to the sheer volume of retail trades, I rarely need to search for those hard-to-find units at auction.

General Manager, Joyce Koons Honda Buick GMC

The right message … to the right customer … at the right time!

Provide your customers with relevant, credible, and enticing information to notify them promptly when the opportunity exists for them to upgrade to a new vehicle for a similar payment.

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Unleash the power of your AutoAlert data!

Our One-to-One Intelligent Marketing option allows you to deliver each individual customer a new vehicle upgrade quote specific to him or her. This virtually eliminates negotiation, resulting in higher-than-industry-average gross profits, acquisition of high-demand retail trades and enhanced customer retention.

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Intelligent Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Driven by our multi-patented, proprietary algorithmic data we create powerful multi-channel, customer-centric communications that traditional spray and pray just can’t match. This strategic, micro-targeted marketing option is the most cost effective, yet delivers the highest possible ROI, while substantially reducing the cost per unit.


Instantly Identifies Top Opportunities

By applying the AutoAlert proprietary algorithms to DMS data in real time, we have the ability to provide automotive retailers with powerful, insightful and pin-point information that identifies the highest-value customers to target.


Multi-Channel Marketing

Every outreach communication includes information specific to each individual customer. In addition to receiving a mailer with their personalized upgrade offer, customers also receive two strategically deployed e-mails; the first e-mail mimics their offer and is deployed prior to in-home mail delivery and the second e-mail is deployed just days prior to the expiration of their upgrade offer. Each form of communication includes a personalized URL that drives them to their personal website where they are encouraged to provide additional information regarding their trade and new vehicle interest. This turn-key option allows you to focus your efforts on other priorities while we help drive incremental sales.


Track & Measure

In an effort to better understand your customers and how they are engaging with you or your competition, every digital communication we deliver (i.e., E-mails and p-Urls) includes a tag that provides us with powerful customer insight to enable your team to hit customer “hot” buttons during the follow-up process resulting in a more productive sales approach. All of this information allows us to continuously adjust your messaging to constantly improve future customer engagement.


Comprehensive Reporting

Track and measure campaign activity in real time via the use of our comprehensive reporting portal. Every aspect of each campaign is measured including: sold units, ROI, e-mail open and click-through rates, p-URL responses, landing site visitors, etc. We expect to be held accountable for all our marketing efforts on your behalf and as a result, believe it’s important to provide you comprehensive reporting, to do just that!

Offer Statements

Personalized, professional, with a powerful message and credible offers

Email Campaigns

Two strategically deployed emails provide additional campaign touchpoints

Personal URLs

Personalized landing pages are built and help generate leads

Flex Call Tracking

Monitor campaigns with call tracking to increase lead-to-appointment

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Informative and prominently displayed materials promote your upgrade programs

Comprehensive Reporting

Track and measure results including click-through rates, leads, sold units and ROI

Campaign Wizard

Provides the highest opportunities for your dealership incorporating OEM

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