Four Ways A.I. Can Lead Your Dealership to Greater Profits

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized business worldwide, and automotive dealerships are no exception. Instead of performing every task manually, dealers learn the power of automating their dealership systems. As a result, dealers simplify daily operations, achieving greater efficiencies, selling more vehicles, and improving margins.

“AI can even help facilitate natural sales conversations, answer customer service inquiries, and track customer behavior data to inform your marketing decisions. In other words, I believe AI allows businesses of every size, level, and industry to forge ahead toward growth goals with velocity.” Cleve Adams, President, and CEO of VOXOX and contributor to

Let’s take a closer look at four ways dealers can leverage the power of AI to boost sales.

1. Data Analysis and Insights

There is an abundance of consumer data available to collect, analyze, and use for your dealership’s benefit. However, many dealers find it challenging to use the data collected. This is because it’s challenging to find actionable insights from large amounts of information.

AI-driven platforms are practical and efficient when finding patterns in larger data sets. Machine learning algorithms can sort and interpret data to help find trends and predict outcomes.

AutoAlert’s AlertMiner and AlertMiner Pro platforms eliminate data roadblocks by securely collecting data from myriad sources and bringing it all into one place for analysis every day so that the user gets a complete picture of each customer.

2. Shortens Sales Cycles

AI-driven tools provide valuable feedback to your marketing and sales teams to streamline your sales funnel while increasing closing rates.

Suppose you need to acquire a particular preowned vehicle. Data can quickly show you which customers are currently driving that vehicle and who among them is likely ready to trade today. Or maybe it’s an excellent time to reach out to customers with open recalls or those who haven’t been in service in the last year.

AI tools found in AutoAlert platforms help ensure customers receive the right offer at the right time. The offer isn’t a mystery to the user – the platform provides all the relevant details behind it, responsive to the dealership’s goals and the customer’s behaviors in real-time.

AlertMiner Pro uses a guided, team-based approach to optimize opportunities & convert them to sales. Every department wins when you can easily predict customer behavior and quickly identify customers who can upgrade even in today’s market.

3. Provide a Better Customer Experience

A great customer experience at your dealership is essential to building a loyal customer base. Much depends on how swiftly and efficiently your dealership can respond to your customers’ needs.

AI for car dealerships like AutoAssistant boost your customer experience by implementing intelligent lead response – reducing the time the customer must wait to hear from a salesperson.

Social media management tools like ReputationPro help dealerships handle customer feedback by monitoring and moderating comments 24/7 to ensure you know what your customers are saying about your dealership online.

Your dealership will retain loyal customers and create positive brand awareness by addressing customers’ issues with timely responses, improving the overall customer experience, and giving your dealership lasting returns.

4. Boost Workforce Productivity

AI tools can efficiently handle various repetitive tasks. This frees up your sales staff from routine tasks and focuses on revenue-generating ones.

AI-powered tools can help track and monitor your employees’ activities to ensure they get the job done during work hours.

In a Harvard Business Review article, Artificial Intelligence for the Real World, stated, “Business drudgery in every industry and function—overseeing routine transactions, repeatedly answering the same questions, and extracting data from endless documents—could become the province of machines, freeing up human workers to be more productive and creative.”

AlertMiner Pro is a responsive platform. It doesn’t just assign tasks your team can check off. It provides different pathways depending on the customer’s engagement and needs, providing a personalized, elevated experience every time.

Workflows unite your team around your customers, giving them support, processes, and follow-up tasks to ensure no sales or service opportunity is missed. AlertMiner Pro also monitors performance against functions to achieve your monthly goals.

Ready to Take AI to the Next Level?

As dealerships continue to experience the benefits of incorporating AI into their businesses, we can expect this trend to continue as the new normal.

AutoAlert AI-driven platforms offer comprehensive solutions for every customer-facing dealer department, including service-to-sales, data mining, marketing, and employee engagement.

Artificial intelligence assists car dealerships of every size advance growth at an increased rate than experienced in years past, ultimately leading to greater profits.

Innovative AI is only as good as humans knowing how to use it. To get your teams started, AutoAlert offers the most robust, award-winning employee training program in the industry – offered by real humans.