Turn Dealership Data into Action

Keeping up with today’s savvy, plugged-in consumers requires knowing how and what they’re shopping for and what else might appeal to them that they hadn’t even considered. Proactive, intelligent software platforms are essential for getting the job done and keeping your dealership competitive in a quickly changing market.

With constant industry shifts, dealers must rely on their data to establish an approach to identifying their top service and sales opportunities. Redefining communication paths and processes is vital for increasing customer relationships and maintaining a competitive advantage.

When it comes to car shopping, perfected timing on when to engage in-market customers is essential. Customers who might not be actively looking for vehicles can be targeted with deals that allow them to trade keys at about the same payment and drive home a new car today.

Car dealerships are experiencing success using data mining and behavior-predicting software like AutoAlert, by taking multiple customer data sources and creating customer-specific deals that are delivered at just the right time. These no-pressure offers help attract consumers who otherwise wouldn’t have known their options.

Data-based follow-up triggered by customer interactions, activities, and behaviors provides dealers with a complete picture of their customers with real-time consumer research and buying behavior data. It connects the dots into a clear path of action and provides a specific direction for each customer that is personalized at every touchpoint.

Another way of connecting customers (both native and conquest) with relevant recommendations is in the service lane. Service appointments offer a convenient opportunity to discuss options. A great solution can simplify the service-to-sales process and identify customers ready to buy.

Along with identifying top customers before they enter the market, your dealership’s platform should generate relevant tasks for customers before you engage with them, creating a seamless journey for your customer and dealership.

And structured internal processes that ensure transparency and accountability for dealership teams, creating a polished and professional customer experience from start to finish.

AutoAlert CXM is your modern CRM platform that easily synchronizes dealership communications to create a personalized, seamless customer journey that delivers a cohesive experience. A data-driven sales and service follow-up platform that gives your dealership the edge to continually grow loyalty with your sold, unsold and service customers with processes unique to each customer—no more one-size-fits-all approach.