Turn Dealership Data into Action

Building Customer Loyalty with AI and Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days. As it grows, we will see unprecedented opportunities for improved automation and experiences in all areas of life, including your dealership.

Dealerships are a prime environment for putting AI into action due to the abundance of available data. The more data you have, the faster its learning capabilities. AI can deliver important information about our customers; what they want, what actions they’re ready to take, how much they want to spend, etc. And it’s not just for making a sale but about providing the best service and experience possible to foster retention.

AI and automation allow for innovative, more efficient ways to find and keep customers via predictive behavior targeting and the ability to drive desired behaviors. It can also offer actionable solutions that are easy to implement, leading to more cars sold with increased profits while seamlessly improving the customer experience.

It starts with knowing your customer better than the competition.

Dealerships today have a tremendous opportunity to stand out in their customers’ minds by making their experiences unique, meaningful, and memorable through AI and automation.

Analyzing millions of data points on customers and making them actionable improves your odds of success. Your data allows for personalized deals to be generated for every customer. Customer experience management platforms, like AutoAlert, make it available in a centralized location that’s easy for your team to access at all times.

Your team will know which customers to reach out to with the exact offer that most appeals to them. It revolutionizes direct mail with specific and unique deals, leading you to drive customer behavior, not just predict it.

In the service lane, you’ll know exactly when a customer with a buying opportunity arrives (even if they’ve never bought from you) and what opportunities to present them. Alert your team immediately and approach them with deals that appeal to them to turn your service lane into your best solution for used-car sourcing.

Automatically identify top customers and create actionable and measurable processes.

AI and automation are not only unlimited in its ability to learn about your customers, but it’s also unlimited in how that intelligence is applied at your dealership. AutoAlert’s platform offers solutions that allow you to compile and process vast amounts of data on your customers, creating the most relevant and appealing offers in one location.

The result is improved personalization for an enhanced customer experience so you can continually go above and beyond to meet your customers’ needs. They’ll come to rely on you as their go-to automotive solution because you provide something other dealerships can’t – precisely what they want when they want it.


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