Transform Customer Experiences, Stand Out From the Crowd and Sell More Cars

Transform Customer Experiences, Stand Out From the Crowd and Sell More Cars

Apr. 11, 2018

Picture yourself walking on a crowded New York City street. Everyone blends in…except for those who don’t. Those who stand out have one or more characteristics that usually get them noticed—no matter how many people are around.

Now think about all the automotive dealerships out there and about all the vehicles sold. Every dealership wants to sell more cars, and that means standing out in a marketplace that’s becoming increasingly crowded and competitive.

One Thing Sets You Apart

More than anything else, the customer experience at your dealership will make you stand out from the crowd. From the very first contact you have with a customer, you have the opportunity to impact how you’re seen as a dealership, a service provider, and a business overall. It doesn’t take long for shoppers to form opinions about you, and once they do, your bottom line is directly impacted. In fact, according to a recent CEI survey, 86% of shoppers say they will pay more for a positive customer experience. For dealerships, this is a defining insight that highlights the importance of remaining focused on excellent customer care and helps sell more cars.

It’s difficult to lean on product offerings alone to help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace. After all, your competitors have access to the same products you do, however not everyone will provide the same level of service excellence. This is your opportunity to stand out. Given the choice between two dealers selling exactly the same make and model, a shopper would likely choose the one that’s known for quality service and customer care.

There are specific things today’s consumers are looking for when it comes to the customer experience, and throughout the month, we’ll be looking at ways your dealership can fine tune its strategy, leave a lasting impact on every customer who walks through your doors and sell more cars. From first impressions to final paperwork—and everything in between—it’s essential you fuel the customer experience with the highest quality interactions. We’ll be looking at:

  • How to deliver value and service that ultimately gain more advocates for your dealership.
  • Ways to present your most authentic self to consumers and build lasting, quality relationships.
  • The best ways to keep every customer content throughout the entire dealership experience.
  • How your in-house advocates can be vocal proponents for your brand and build relationships with customers.
  • Ways you can create unforgettable moments for shoppers and build brand loyalty.
  • And many more things to help set you apart as you offer the ultimate shopper experiences!

When you offer positive and memorable customer experiences to everyone who visits your dealership, you’ll be building opportunities for repeat business to sell more cars, as well as creating advocates for your business who will spread the word about why others should shop with you. Today’s shoppers are actively looking for businesses that can meet their needs for speed, accuracy, and convenience—all while providing them with over-the-top, memorable experiences. By going out of your way to make excellence the norm at your dealership, you’ll grow your customer base and build strong relationships that lead to continued success.

Stay tuned this month as we tackle a variety of customer experience topics and help you turn your dealership into an even more exciting destination for shoppers.

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