Tracking SMS Texts and More in One Platform: AutoAlert CXM

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Tracking SMS Texts and More in One Platform: AutoAlert CXM

July 30, 2019

Modern consumers prefer to communicate via the most convenient channel, and in a staggeringly large number of cases, that channel remains text messaging. This should come as no surprise considering there are currently 259 million people in the US using text messaging. That’s 81% of the population! This presents today’s dealerships with an extraordinary opportunity. How much more successful could you be if you were reaching out to your customers using the method they most prefer?

Not only do most consumers prefer to communicate with businesses via text, the response rate for text messages is significantly quicker than it is for emails. Why, you ask? Because they see it as more urgent AND more convenient, yet many businesses are still hesitant to text their customers. We get it. Texting can open a whole new can of privacy worms that you don’t want to mess with. That is why it’s crucial your dealership uses a texting tool instead of texting directly from a personal device. A texting tool will protect your customers’ privacy, ensure compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other texting best practices, and keep record of the conversations for future reference.

AutoAlert considered all this and more while creating Automotive’s first-and-only CXM platform. Our solution empowers your team to reach the right customer at the right time with the right deal, the right way – all while protecting your dealership and your customers.

Utilizing text messaging as part of the total Customer Experience couldn’t be easier. The ability to track and manage your text conversations directly in the system, as well as any other customer interaction, connects all areas of the dealership. From sales to service to management, AutoAlert CXM keeps every part of your team informed, connected, and on task to focus on the kind of quality customer engagements that drive sales and increase margins. SMS Text Messaging in AlertMiner is another way AutoAlert prepares your dealership for the future by providing you the best possible tools to engage your customers today!

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