Tagging & Tracking for Staying Ahead of the Competition

Tagging & Tracking for Staying Ahead of the Competition

December 15, 2020

Ever since the internet started answering consumers’ questions regarding their next vehicle purchase, dealerships have been looking for new ways to differentiate themselves for customers and continue to earn their business.

Typical dealer questions are:

  • How do we stand out if we can’t be the first “go to” for information?
  • How do we reach customers with information of value to them?
  • How do we provide value period for our customers?

Many of the answers have come through raising the bar when it comes to the customer experience, improving the environment in customer waiting areas, and making other dealership brand updates.

Real-time data offers an additional solution. One totally unique to your dealership and to your customers, giving you a huge advantage to earn their business.

Exactly what your customers want when they want it

Even with the internet, customers will go to a dealership thinking they know the vehicle they want and often leave with a different one. The Sales consultant has done their job listening to the customer’s needs and matches them with the perfect vehicle – maybe a roomier one, one with all of the latest tech, or one they didn’t think they could afford.

The power of AutoAlert’s real-time data tagging and tracking and behavior prediction analytics ensures your dealership knows your customers’ needs before they ever foot in your store.

With AutoAlert, your team can deliver on-point offers that get customers’ attention and bring them in. No more “spray and pray” marketing or other wasted efforts that go unnoticed.

Tackling consumers’ #1 concern when it comes to buying a vehicle …

In addition to meeting customers’ needs, another reason these offers work so well is because they directly address the number-one concern when it comes to buying a vehicle: “It takes too long.”

Here are a few time-related customer roadblocks that your dealership can start removing with AutoAlert’s data-backed offers …

  • Finding the perfect vehicle, and the right price, through hours/days of online research.
  • Determining which dealership(s) to visit for test drives and when.*
  • Visiting those dealerships, interacting with employees, asking questions, hammering out details, etc.
  • Possibly waiting to discuss the different options and offers with their spouse/family.

*And with the average consumer visiting no more than two dealerships before they make a purchase, it becomes even more important to get their attention with an appealing real customized offer.

But is it too invasive?

Before seeing how it works, some dealer employees have flat-out dismissed data-driven offers, thinking they might come off as too personal or invasive for the customer.

But the right offer at the right time doesn’t necessarily include all the real-time data and analytics behind what makes it the right offer at the right time; it simply puts the right offer out there, making it a very good option. And it works!

Although there is more data available for customers who’ve purchased from you previously – making these offers an excellent retention tool – the AutoAlert platform also provides ways to bring visiting service customers and other potential conquest customers into your dealership. You can know these customers and get the right offer to them.

So, just because customers today can google their way to almost any information they need, this doesn’t necessarily mean they understand their needs and wants as well as you can.

AutoAlert’s platform even comes with scripts and proven paths of engagement to get specific offers into customers’ hands, making closing the deal a seamless experience.

Dealership employees enjoy the process, too, because it’s fun, reliable 24/7, and satisfying to have the most updated information to meet customers’ needs.

What’s holding you back from making vehicle buying easier than ever for your customers?

Let’s get started today!