Dealership Collaboration From Anywhere

Dealership Collaboration From Anywhere

Dealership Collaboration From Anywhere

The one tool that dealerships need right now

March 19, 2020

Things are moving quickly regarding the coronavirus. And it’s likely that they’ll continue to do so.

In less than five days, U.S. cities went from advising against and canceling large gatherings of 1,000+ to doing the same for groups of 10+ people. It’s a concerted effort to stop the number of cases from spiking, because this could result in there not being enough tests and other medical resources to meet the demand.

By the time you read this, that will probably be old news. But you already knew all that. You’re living it.

Calm, cool and connected

During times of increased anxiety and uncertainty, dealership collaboration and communication can be a figural and literal lifesaver.

It keeps us informed.

It keeps us connected to people we care about.

And, it keeps us running.

The perfect communication tool keeps your teams connected to each other and (when appropriate) to your customers. This unity reduces or even eliminates feelings of panic

And that “sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior,” isn’t good for business, period. Having the right tool in place goes a long way toward meeting any challenge, even a lockdown, with success.

The shocks that smooth out the speed bumps ahead

As a software company, we quickly applied our city’s recommendations to close our offices to protect ourselves as well as to prevent the spread of the virus.

How’d we do this so quickly?

One funny little word packed with dealership communication gold: Pando.

This communication and collaboration tool was developed specifically for dealerships to use. Not a nationwide enterprise.

But we’ve been using it ourselves for over a year to work out any kinks that might come up. In that time, we’ve grown and proven its capabilities.

After all, if it’s not good enough for us, how could we recommend it to you?

What we discovered is that we collaborate and communicate so much more easily and efficiently with Pando.

Enter the confusion of the past week. Since the entire organization uses Pando daily, leadership was able to put together a “work from home” plan in less than 24 hours. With more than 300 employees in our Kansas City office, we were among the first local businesses to do so.

That’s because we’re already connected.

We already have our processes in place.

We already have access to all of the project and client information that we need.

So Pando allowed us to quickly and seamlessly adjust to the changes.

When the rubber hits the road

In fact, in some ways we’ve become even more efficient.

We know this because Pando tracks all of our communications and tasks for us. We hit some of our highest numbers on our first day working from home. For example, our Client Care Support Team logged 307 messages while supporting our dealer partners.

Bonus – we avoided some pitfalls that major media channels are warning against. USA Today just ran an article providing tips for avoiding downloads of sketchy programs for video conferencing, mobile working, and the like that might carry computer viruses. With Pando able to handle all of our business needs, we didn’t require any downloads.

No aspect of our everyday business took a hit.

We want the exact same thing for you. With so much of the world moving into the digital sphere, it’s essential to bring our teams into a virtual space – both to meet customers there and to work together as a team.

Accelerating dealership collaboration

Dealerships with business models from 10 or even five years ago are putting the pedal to the metal. They’re trying to bring themselves up to speed with today’s online shoppers. The tools needed to do that are now critical to not only your sales but your operations as well.

It doesn’t have to be complex. But it does require that you become seamless in the customer experience both online and offline. This necessitates proven:

  • process designed for the dealership environment
  • tools that allow your teams to work anywhere
  • methods for engaging with and connecting with the customer

Pando handles all of this. Any task. No matter how big or small.

There are over 100 customizable processes already programmed for you in the tool. You can quickly and easily change the parameters based on how your business operates, at any time.

That’s because it’s all tracked and measured.

  • Your team's work becomes transparent
  • Your processes are tested
  • Your communications with each other and with the customer are strengthened

We’re not saying that software can change the things we can’t control.

But it can help. We can respond quickly and effectively to any changes we didn’t see coming. In times of uncertainty, it can help us confidently move forward toward a new version of “business as usual” that’s crafted to keep us connected to customers and to each other.

As a dealership using AutoAlert, you already have Pando and its full functionality right at your fingertips. So take 10 minutes to call us for a Pando refresher to ensure that you’re collaborating effectively.

Or if you’re interested in learning how you can get started with Pando, call us at 1-833-256-4932.

As always, we’re here for you.