Does Your Dealership’s Data-Mining Tool Hold Up?

dealership data mining

Does Your Dealership’s Big Data Hold Up?

Take This Quick Quiz To Find Out.

November 13, 2019


Dealership Software Health Questions

Off the top of your head, count the number of times you’ve seen a health care professional in 2019. Chances are, you’ve visited a handful between the dentist, the eye doctor, and a general practitioner. To keep you in tip-top shape for life’s adventures, wellness checks require physical exams, questions about eating habits, and the occasional lab test. The same goes for your data-mining tool.

Think of big data as the blood cells, your dealership as the body, and your technology as the lifeblood delivery system for your business. Like yearly wellness check-ups, evaluating your dealership solutions identifies weaknesses in the way you leverage your data and your tools. Because, let’s face it, the price of not realizing the potential of your technology investments can be darn right costly.

It's Not That Bad ... Is It?

If you don’t know, it might be time to take a peek at the effectiveness of your data-mining tool. But where should you begin?

Let’s start at the smallest particle, your data. According to a recent Deloitte survey, nearly 44% of respondents said the information about their vehicles was 0% correct. Even the best bedside manner can’t lessen the blow of that prognosis. Understanding where your dealership data is coming from allows you to utilize your software to craft personalized conversations. When you serve up interactions based on robust, accurate data, your sales team can sell more cars with more confidence.

Then repeat. Again, and again.

At some point, you’ll want to revisit this “healthy habit” to make tweaks to better communicate with your customers or optimize operations. To continue to thrive, you need the discipline to do this evaluation at a regular frequency. This will help you stay on top of possible data-mining issues.

You Should Get That Checked Out

So, how are you feeling?

For the most part, your dealership is using big data like bosses with your data-mining tools. But you keep hearing that nagging little voice in the back of your head that wants to know: Am I getting the most out of this solution?

Good question. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.

Take our Data-Mining Tool Health Assessment to see how your dealership’s solution is doing. Your data is only as good as the technology you invest in. Make keeping both healthy a priority to set your dealership up for success in 2020.

dealership data mining

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