Create an Unforgettable Experience for Your Customers to Sell More Cars

Sell More Cars

Create an Unforgettable Experience for Your Customers to Sell More Cars

Jan. 19, 2018

Some brands simply stand out—in the ways they connect with consumers, present cohesive messaging across all touchpoints, and neatly package their products and services to appeal to shoppers. It may look effortless, but none of these things happen by accident. In fact, brands that deliver unforgettable customer experiences start by dedicating time and focus toward consumers, getting to know what drives them in the marketplace and what inspires them to buy. Brands that invest time in determining what shoppers are looking for will be able to streamline their efforts and stay on track when it comes to delivering exceptional experiences.

The Dealership Experience

As technology advances and offers innovative ways of discovering, researching, and buying products, consumers change the expectations they have for businesses. In order to sell more cars and ensure your dealership stands out and becomes a top choice for shoppers, it’s key to map consumer experiences and determine exactly how people feel when they’re interacting with your dealership. Do they feel satisfied, happy, frustrated? Are they eager for change? Do they flock to online sites and shy away from in-person sales interactions? By focusing on answering these questions, you’ll get a more well-rounded view of both the emotional side of customer needs, as well as data-driven insights that can guide you as you formulate strategies to impact more consumers.

Your customers tell a story with their actions. And by paying attention to the stories they tell, you can tailor what you offer to provide the best buying journeys for them and hopefully sell more cars.

For a while now, consumers have been telling dealerships they’re looking for experiences that are more in line with their modern, fast-paced lifestyles. They opt for businesses that can give them in-the-moment answers, fast service, and technology that can support them both before and after buying. The days of customers making requests and waiting a day or two for a salesperson to get back to them are gone. Now, it’s about instant gratification, accuracy, as well as excellence in service.

Everything consumers are asking for can be provided by leveraging data and empowering your employees to get a better picture of potential customers by using actionable data insights. Sure, data may seem like it’s just about cold, hard facts—and that’s true to an extent—however, those facts lead directly to improved relationships with your shoppers. So in essence, data is a relationship builder.

Utilizing Data to Create Experiences

In order to get to know consumers and truly understand what they’re in the market for, it’s important to gather as much data as possible. Dealerships are turning to powerful platforms like AutoAlert’s 360°Proactive Portfolio Management to help them maximize their data-mining opportunities, improve communication, and deliver the best customer experiences in the industry. Innovative tools like PandoSocial give valuable insights regarding makes and models being searched, social connections shoppers may have in your dealership, previous purchases, and even if customers are in an equity situation. All of this information is essential when mapping experiences and determining shopper behaviors that can lead to sales in your dealership.

Today’s consumers bring a variety of needs and wants to the table, and dealerships need to lean on data and journey mapping to truly understand their shoppers. Gaining actionable insights and perspective regarding shopper journeys will position dealerships for success, and they can ensure they stand out in a modern and fast-paced marketplace and sell more cars.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for dealerships to stand out in a positive way. By taking an active role in the consumer journey and ensuring you’re delivering what shoppers want, you’ll gain their trust, earn their loyalty, and ultimately, boost your bottom line.

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