AutoAlert Partners with AIADA, Provides Revolutionary Software Solutions for Members

AutoAlert Partners with AIADA, Provides Revolutionary Software Solutions for Members

October 2, 2017

Through an affinity partnership with AutoAlert, AIADA’s 9,600 international nameplate automobile franchise members now have unique access to the automotive industry’s top data-mining and communication platforms and other revolutionary software solutions.

AIADA is the only national trade association representing America’s international nameplate automobile dealers in Washington, D.C., with a goal to ensure that dealer needs are heard by Congress and covered by the national media.

AutoAlert has been a great partner of Hitchcock Automotive organizations for years now, and we are honored to have them partner with AIADA, said AIADA Vice Chairman Howard Hakes, President of Hitchcock Automotive.

Backed by patented algorithms, AutoAlert’s comprehensive data-mining and communication solutions provide car dealers with a strategic business advantage in the quickly evolving auto industry, including via data mining (AlertMiner and PandoConnect), marketing (One-to-One Intelligent Marketing), social media (PandoSocial), internal communication and processes (Pando), and more. Opportunities provided via AutoAlert have proved to convert more often than those sourced other ways.

AutoAlert and AIADA share in common individual partnerships with international manufacturers Audi, Honda, Hyundai, and Kia. Both also have partnerships with other international automakers.

We couldn’t be happier to provide software solutions for AIADA dealer members, says AutoAlert CEO Mike Dullea. Our tried and proven methods lead to opportunities that increase gross margin, convert more often, and build customer relationships. We’re excited to help them succeed.

Both AIADA and AutoAlert are dedicated to growing and strengthening the automotive industry.

We are thrilled to be partnering with an association that is just as passionate as we are about supporting car dealers, said AutoAlert Vice President Kendall Billman. The industry is changing and will benefit from tested, true solutions.

A pioneer in equity mining and new client engagement, AutoAlert was founded in 2002 and now leads the automotive industry in data-mining, communication platform, and other software solutions. AutoAlert’s technology bridges the communication gap between a dealership’s management, employees, and customers, creating high-quality sales opportunities, increased gross margin, and improved customer retention.

Visit our homepage to learn more about AutoAlert’s software solutions for growing and supporting dealerships.

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