10 Creative Content Ideas for Social Marketing at Your Dealership

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10 Creative Content Ideas for Social Marketing at Your Dealership

Dec. 20, 2017

There’s no denying auto dealerships have traditional social media marketing channels down to a science, but modern consumers find every way they can to skip over ads. In response to this problem, content marketing has become one of the most successful ways to engage consumers, according to the CAM Foundation. Content marketing is a great way for your dealership to create and share promotional content, engage with automotive industry consumers, and sell more cars.

Even the most creative minds can fall into a slump. Some days there just isn’t that much going on or every topic seems exhausted. When the content isn’t flowing, it’s always good to have a few simple topics in your back pocket to be able to fall back on:

1. How-to. Create a quick demo or how-to explaining, for example, how to change your oil or how to change a tire. It’s pretty easy to come up with topics for a how-to in just about any niche. These types of posts are helpful and available on your site for people to refer to whenever they stumble across a particular problem your how-to article addresses. Even if your dealership offers services to change oil or change a tire, readers still appreciate your assistance, and offering the information to them on your end helps build trust. When your customers feel comfortable with your dealership and feel you have their best interests in mind, they will be more likely to bring their vehicle to you when it’s time for maintenance and repairs.

2. Interview. Create short bios to highlight the professionals at your dealership, introducing a different individual each week, so consumers feel acquainted with your dealership before they even step foot onto the lot. It’s also a great idea to interview local car enthusiasts or professionals to add a variety of personable and knowledgeable content to your website. Modern consumers seek out information and are much more receptive when they know who and what to expect at your dealership.

3. Round-up. Put together a list of several articles or websites that can serve as resources for your target audience as they navigate online. For example, consider topics like five of the best vehicle rating sites, eight local shops to accessorize your car, or 10 of the most influential professionals in the industry.

4. Favorites. Throw together a list of your staff’s favorite car picks for this year or favorite upgrades chosen by a specific group—students, parents, etc. This is a great opportunity to show off your dealership’s knowledge and share some of your personal go-tos as a way of assisting consumers who may be in the market for the same thing.

5. Before and after. If your dealership offers services such as car washing or detailing, it’s always a great idea to create before and after posts showing customers exactly how beneficial your dealership’s services are.

6. A guide. Consumers are constantly buying new cars or trading in old ones, but often, the industry changes even faster than consumers can track. Take the opportunity to create a guide highlighting the buying and selling process, and be sure to update it every so often, walking your customers through the current car-buying, trading, or selling process.

7. A review. Reviewing products or cars associated with your dealership is one of the easiest post ideas. The professionals at your dealership have experience, both with their own vehicles and those they work on every day, so take advantage of their knowledge and post personalized reviews. Consumers trust individuals more than they trust brand messages, so this is a great opportunity to share the voices of your employees.

8. Best of. Different from “Favorites,” best of posts allow your dealership to create a list of cars or services and then rate or review them for your customers. This may be helpful to consumers when comparing vehicles side-by-side or looking into different versions of the same vehicle. It will give consumers a reason to trust your dealership, and it will help them feel more prepared toward the end of their car-buying journey.

9. Contests. Consumers generally jump at the opportunity to win something free. If your dealership has partnerships with companies or has the opportunity to give away gift cards or tickets to an event, it’s time to post a contest. It’s sure to get consumers talking about and interacting with your dealership in a fun and positive manner.

10. A recap. If your dealership recently held an event, helped host an event, or partnered with a local charity or organization for a fundraiser, write up a quick recap. It lets readers know your dealership is involved in the community, and if it was an event they missed, it may help them take note and pay attention the next time your dealership has something going on. It’s also a good opportunity for those who attended or took part in your event to see a few photos of themselves, read about something they were a part of, and feel involved.

Content is one of the—if not the—strongest means of communication with your automotive industry consumers. 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads, and 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site. The statistics on content improving sales and the amount of consumers that find their information via business’s content are vast, which goes to show having consistent and informative content on hand is always a positive for your dealership.

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