AutoAlert Values: Be Passionate About Our Partners’ Success

From the very beginning, AutoAlert has helped dealers discover new opportunities – and has dramatically increased its capability to help dealers engage loyal customers, with impactful, real-time data and accurate actionable analytics.

Our dealer partners who have seen the most success with our tool tell us that it’s fundamental to their business success and easy to use.

There is a learning curve; however, our award-winning training team brings our dealers up to speed quickly as part of the onboarding process, and once dealers understand foundationally how the tool works and how seamlessly it fits into their day-to-day processes, it becomes very simple to use.

2020 and a New Onboarding Opportunity

Last year, we revisited and enhanced our company values. Everyone at AutoAlert had the opportunity to be involved in the process.

One area we were in absolute agreement was our desire to see our dealer partners succeed: When you have a tool that works, you strive to make it even better for all of your customers.

We researched effective approaches to onboarding and ongoing support for our dealer partners. We took a close look at what works, and what doesn’t, and we developed a new onboarding program that is 100% virtual, and dealer feedback has been very positive.

Throughout this new, 60-to-90-day onboarding process, we work hand-in-hand with dealerships and stick by their side (virtually) until they understand the foundations of the AutoAlert platform and what it can do, and can also apply knowledge to deliver real results.

From there, the sky is the limit. We assist each dealership in developing a plan to consistently pursue high-impact sales and service opportunities through the AutoAlert platform.

And, AutoAlert offers the industry’s most robust and comprehensive reporting so that you can gauge success on your own terms, comparing your results to other dealerships regionally and nationally.

A Stevie Shout-Out & Dealer Praise

We were thrilled to learn earlier this year that our new onboarding process – and our entire training team, in fact – had won a Silver Stevie Award for innovation in customer service.

One Stevie Award judge told us, “Consolidating previous learnings into a playbook and digitization of training programs are steps in the right direction for future business models.”

But just as satisfying is the consistently positive feedback that we have received from new partners following their onboarding, like this, from Liz Sculley of Gault Toyota:

“AutoAlert has helped me have a more meaningful conversation and access to information instantly. [U]sing AutoAlert gives me the details I need to start and complete a sale. I have gained knowledge and tools that make my success endless.”

In the final phases of onboarding, dealership teams are introduced to their go-to contact for the lifetime of our relationship together: their dedicated AutoAlert Account Manager. Account Managers keep dealer teams up to date on all we have to offer and make sure all questions are getting answered in a timely matter.

For additional assistance, our Client Care team is standing by throughout the week and our comprehensive digital library, the AutoAlert Academy, is available 24/7 with searchable “how to” videos and new content added regularly. Dealers can also schedule specific one-off trainings for their team or one-on-one for specific areas of interest, including features they’d like to learn more about or how to strategize around opportunities.

Change Doesn’t Have to Be Hard …

When it comes to new software for your dealership, you want it to be so easy to use that you just click a few buttons and everything works.

Realistically, it takes some legwork and dedication, especially in the beginning.

Our aim is to make the entire process as easy for our partners as possible – we hope even enjoyable – and then continue increasing our support as our relationships with our partners grow. So that we get more encouraging feedback from dealership employees like Liz:

“AutoAlert is assisting me in exceeding my goals and [the] dealership’s expectations – you just have to use it!”