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Using Your Best Source to Sell Aging Inventory


“We sell at least 12 to 15 cars out of the service drive, and that’s just what I can quantify. I expect that number to hit an average of 30 soon.”
Stu Berkley, General Manager at Middletown Honda

Selling aging inventory that takes up space while finding and acquiring inventory in demand for your customer base is a constant balancing act.

But did you know there’s a department at your dealership that can be your number one lead source, but it is often overlooked? We are talking about your guaranteed customer connection point – your service drive.

The data doesn’t lie! Your service drive is where the bulk of your profits develop.

Daily, dozens of customers come through the service department, and enormous sales opportunities are missed. The service drive offers profitable sales opportunities with additional benefits beyond the initial service-to-sales conversion.

Successful dealers leverage innovative technology and the power of their sales department to provide the best possible customer experience and avoid “leaving money on the table” in the service drive. 

Survey results have illuminated a critical insight into maximizing service-to-sales opportunities within the dealership setting. The primary hurdle in capitalizing on these opportunities lies in equipping your team with the knowledge of when and how to deliver the appropriate message to the right customer. This is particularly crucial in the service department, which represents one of the dealership’s most manageable and promising areas for conducting business.


Realizing the full sales potential of the service drive hinges on identifying the right customers, determining the optimal timing for engagement, and crafting messages that resonate effectively.

Customers don’t respond to the generic “we need your car” offers as they once did. Today, customers seek transparency regarding why their car is needed, appreciate dealers who possess knowledge of the car’s history and can offer comprehensive information about it, and desire personalized offers tailored specifically to their needs and preferences.

With software like Service Lead Management by AutoAlert, you can easily access deals for every customer, even those who haven’t purchased from you. These deals are based on extensive data in which a wide range of needs can be met.


Leveraging a data and equity mining tool within your service drive empowers you to:

  • Instantly receive notifications for all incoming sales opportunities, promptly alerting the appropriate team member.
  • Engage with customers through various channels, enabling the delivery of tailored upgrades, including pre-appointments.
  • Access top-quality leads and target specific vehicles for an optimized inventory acquisition strategy, ensuring the best outcomes.
  • Gain insights into your parts inventory, allowing you to effectively identify and connect with customers needing in-stock parts, ultimately boosting revenue on the back end.

The Wishlist feature acts as a valuable tool by alerting staff when a highly valuable car arrives on the drive, facilitating the creation of personalized offers. Establishing a Wishlist for your most sought-after vehicles enables you to efficiently pinpoint customers with excellent trade, buyback, or factory order potential. This approach ensures that sales associates can maintain confidence in their approach, as they have the right credible offer for every customer, whether related to expiring warranties, lower payments, or the desire for the latest features and technology.


Engaged Service Customers Generate 10% More Service Revenue When Dealers Use AutoAlert.

The service drive provides countless ways to build and nurture relationships several times per day. Putting in the extra effort in the service drive to tackle the inventory woes is worth it when the result is wins all around.

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