AutoAlert Data Mining

Unlocking the Power of Data Mining for Automotive Success

When evaluating the right data mining platform and automotive CRM, certain aspects should be considered to ensure you maximize your time and money. 

Data Will Help You Deliver

The OG signifier of a proactive and consistent data mining platform is its data. When you invest in a comprehensive data mining platform that aggregates your best information and presents optimal, real-time service or sales opportunities, revenue and customer satisfaction will increase.

To stand out as a leader and transform your dealership into a customer-centric one, relying on intelligent, actionable data insights is imperative to gather as much relevant and meaningful shopper information as possible.   

Dealerships are discovering hundreds of vehicle upgrade opportunities waiting for them in their databases, and they can easily access them when they leverage the power of AutoAlert’s data.

With AutoAlert’s core products, you can tap into critical customer information via eight distinct Alerts. You’ll receive a ranking of customers more likely to buy and when. You can also present appealing and individualized service or sales digital or direct marketing offers to your existing customer base.

Acquire the Vehicles You Need When You Need Them

Optimizing your pre-owned acquisition process has never been more important. One of the major benefits of pre-owned acquisition is the opportunity for profitability. With the varied approaches, profitability has always been a balancing act between gross potential and acquisition cost and the time commitment of finding, purchasing, transporting, and recon. When the vehicle is finally sellable, you can consider advertising or marketing. Every task seems like a necessary evil to get the desired outcome.

This approach is about focusing on existing opportunities in your database. Ease the physical and digital aspects of acquisition with the ability to target the exact vehicles you are interested in and filter your database for customers currently driving that vehicle. Consider variables like quality, availability, service history, loyalty, and popularity. Your existing customers are the richest source of pre-owned vehicles; AutoAlert makes it easy to filter and find exactly what you need.

Dealers can also pinpoint customers in the service drive who are in positions to buy. The service drive gives your dealership the most steady stream of customers, so use it to source your most desired pre-owned vehicles.

With AutoAlert, you can instantly receive service lane notifications when a customer with an opportunity arrives in your drive. AutoAlert’s Service Lead Management program matches customers in alert status to customers in your service drive, giving you everything you need to convert your service appointments to sales appointments. 

Each notification links directly to the customer’s profile and deal sheet, which contains all the relevant data associated with your customer, like their ability to upgrade to a newer vehicle for a similar or lower payment, insight into their online shopping behavior, and much more. The service lane can also open the door to more opportunities for a service business, F&I conversions, lease turn-in, and penetration.

Use your pre-owned acquisition and service lead management processes to build profitability and customer loyalty.

Loyal Customers Are the Best Customers

In a major industry like automotive, loyalty goes a long way for both the customer and the dealer. Customers expect an outstanding experience every time they purchase.

Presenting your customers with deals that match their specific needs and wants, whether in the service lane or via mail, email, or social media, gives them a shortcut to buying. The number of steps involved is reduced, saving consumers time and increasing their trust and loyalty to your store.

Having a single platform that collects and analyzes data, handles your monthly marketing campaigns, provides sales and service lane solutions, and keeps your team on the same page with every single customer, goes a long way in ensuring the best possible experience for every buyer.

And because your team is connected with every customer and every deal, once the decision to buy is made, the sale continues more smoothly and quickly than ever before and leaves a lasting impression.

To reach today’s customers, having the best tools, the most relevant and up-to-date data, and a team that knows the importance of building solid relationships, is imperative. With these, you’ll position your dealership for success and stand above the rest.

Find out more about how AutoAlert’s dynamic data and high standards can deliver for you.



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