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Recall Management:
Be The Hero They Didn’t Know They Wanted

Your customers may not be happy to receive a vehicle repair recall notification. It brings concern for their safety, the annoyance of scheduling an appointment, and potentially being without their vehicle for an extended period. They may even mistrust the manufacturers for selling a vehicle with faulty parts. In moments like these, it can be a huge relief when someone else takes the wheel and puts the next steps in motion.

This is one of the easiest opportunities for a dealership to reach out to their customers. Expressing concern for a customer’s safety due to a recall, and scheduling a time to get it fixed, is a welcome gesture and one that can have high returns.

With an inclusive data mining or CRM platform in place, a dealership can turn these moments of dread into relief. AutoAlert’s Recall Management Solution makes handling your recalls easy by allowing your team to connect and notify your customers of any open recalls, drive traffic to your service department, and increase profits through trade key vehicle sales or additional repair services.

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Want To Supercharge Your Service Department? Do this.

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