“I’m a hustler, baby. I sell water to a well.”
– Jay-Z

Your sales team’s job isn’t easy.

The best salespeople use a variety of skills and a balanced approach to help customers get what they need and want.

In the dealership world, Mabel Peralta, Frank Crinite, Markiss Stone, and William Sherman come to mind. They are skilled at relationship building, listening, problem solving, and meeting people’s needs.

“Customers, we love you, and we won’t be perfect 100% of the time,” Markiss Stone says on Facebook. “But I can promise you this: There’s an elite group of people who truly want to do great by you, establish relationships with you, do things the right way, be transparent, and provide exceptional experiences.”

Does data have a part in their world? In the fast-paced, competitive world of selling vehicles?

At AutoAlert, the answer is yes …

“With the internet and AutoAlert, there is always a car deal,” Dan Woolston, General Manager of McCarthy Toyota of Sedalia, Mo., told us recently. “AutoAlert is the only reason, I can honestly tell you, we’re at such a high number of sales right now.”

Let’s take a look at how data helps individual salespeople see more success.


A google search for “sales skills” produces first-page results including “17 sales skills all reps need,” “Top 30+ sales skills and traits to become a great sales rep” (30+??) and “Top 14 sales skills every rep must master.”

Many of these skills have a focus on communication and relationship building.

Terry Lee, the Senior Business Development Manager at Macnica Americas, offers some insight in his article Is selling right-brained or left-brained?, noting that right-brained skills like relationship building, empathy, symphony (the ability to bring things together), communication, and design are essential when it comes to excelling at sales.

Lee says, “Overall, great salespeople need to be able to understand their customers and their customers’ businesses, be able to see the forest for the trees, solve problems creatively, [and] communicate through stories and well-designed presentations that don’t rely on endless text in PowerPoint. They need to use the right side of the brain.”

LinkedIn has a popular new course called Empathy for Sales Professionals, driving home that right-brained skills are more important than ever for sales success.

So where does data fit into the picture?

The process of data analytics itself is more of a natural fit for left-brained individuals. Organizing and analyzing anything, data included, is something that comes more natural to them.

So even if your salespeople had access to all the data they could possibly want, would they use it?

That’s why AutoAlert Activate does the heavy data work for you. We make it easy for each salesperson, no matter their style, to use your dealership’s data and capitalize on new opportunities every day.


AutoAlert wants all your employees to have access to easily digestible data that helps them succeed.

For salespeople who are more right-brained, this information gives them a great building block for further strengthening relationships. It also helps them appeal to customers who are more left-brained and maybe not so focused on the relationship: “Here are the numbers, here are the terms.”

This same data will give your left-brained salespeople the confidence to start building better relationships. It’s much easier to get a conversation started with somebody when you have nothing but good news to share. For example …

  • You can get them into a new car that they are interested in at the same or a very similar payment.
  • You can help them get their recall completed.
  • You can get them into a newer car with a lower interest rate.

And, we give you options for automating and nearly automating initial engagement, so the customer is already interested by the time your salesperson is having a conversation with them. This is a confidence booster as well.


AutoAlert’s Alertminer Pro also helps your team tie every opportunity to specific tasks for engaging the customer. It assigns those tasks to the right team member and gives your management a full overview into which tasks are being completed and which are being dropped/ignored.

This makes it easy for your team to stay on top of every opportunity.

Tasks are responsive to your customer’s behavior and adjust automatically when the data reveals a more relevant message for the customer, including when they engage with your marketing, visit a competitor’s lot, or exhibit other behavior that indicates they’re shopping and will likely buy soon. This gives your team a strong competitive edge.

AutoAlert’s Alertminer Pro transforms your service-to-sales, too, with proven processes for recall management, service-not-sold conquests, and customer upgrades. When customers with an upgrade opportunity enter the service drive, the right team member is notified and presented with information they’ll need to approach the customer and start the conversation.

This is also true for service customers who arrive with a vehicle on your dealership’s Wishlist.


Data has opened up a world of opportunities, and AutoAlert has discovered how to make the most of it by simplifying the connection between data insights and customer retention/more cars sold.

In addition to offering you automotive’s #1 data platform, we assign a dedicated Account Manager to your team for the entirety of our relationship together and (we’re proud to say!) our training team and training program are award-winning.

Give all of your salespeople a real opportunity to strengthen their natural abilities, see greater success, and bring more customers back. Learn more about AutoAlert’s Alertminer Pro today!


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