How is your current CRM adapting and making your dealership more productive as consumer behaviors and technology evolve? 

This blog will discuss five ways your current CRM is limiting your dealerships’ productivity and explore how the AutoAlert CXM, the Next-Gen of CRM, can synchronize dealership operations and use automated workflows to deliver a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint.

1. What Does Your CRM Do with All That Data?

Discovering the best uses for data is a challenge. That’s partly because data exists in different silos and isn’t analyzed. Typical CRM actions are system-driven with no flexibility to adjust customer feedback data.

AutoAlert’s platform eliminates data roadblocks by securely collecting data from myriad sources and bringing it all into one place for analysis so that the user gets a complete picture of each customer every day.

This picture also helps ensure the customer receives the right offer at the right time. Once you know what the data is pointing to, you can give the customer an informed and customized offer.

You might think you have the right data in your current CRM, but if your data doesn’t dynamically update based on customer behavior, like AutoAlert CXM, your dealership may not be responsive to customers’ behaviors in real-time.

“AutoAlert CXM creates even more opportunities for dealers to use the most robust data mining platform in the industry, backed with 20-years of industry-leading data.,” said CEO Allan Stejskal. “As an OEM ILM approved vendor, AutoAlert CXM can help dealerships sell more vehicles, source more used cars, and improve margins using our well-respected products, services, and solutions.”

2. Can You Work from Anywhere Using Your CRM?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, we have learned that companies need to have the ability to work from anywhere.

Most traditional CRMs only have desktop functionality with limited mobile capability, leaving your dealership team confused.

AutoAlert CXM has identical responsive mobile and desktop applications. Imagine a salesperson is working on the desktop application, and the salesperson needs to check on a vehicle at the back of the lot.

While on the lot, your salesperson gets an AutoAlert notification on their mobile device that one of their customers has arrived in the service drive. Your salesperson can now greet their customer in your service drive to show them a key-to-key opportunity.

The customer is interested in the key swap trade, and the salesperson forwards the opportunity to their sales manager. When the salesperson returns to their desk, all transactions are logged from the mobile device and are seamlessly shown on the desktop application under the customer profile.

AutoAlert CXM offers dealerships the single solution they will need to synchronize dealership communications, both online and in-store, on one screen, on any device, and it is fully integrated with all AutoAlert’s platforms.


3. What Does Your CRM Do with A Lead?

Now you have leads. Great! How do you work the lead to make better decisions to drive more business?

Traditional CRM solutions often have basic lead monitoring with inefficient follow-up. Most leads are sent a mass email or sometimes get a phone call. Leads stack up, overwhelming your teams, leaving your dealership with lost leads and lost sales opportunities.

AutoAlert CXM seamlessly creates leads and follow-up automation, giving you the power to pull customers forward in the buying cycle. Using one dashboard, your team can see customers in-market, in a trade situation, or showroom appointments. Can view calls they need to make, any customer responded emails, or if the customer’s data is updated to trigger an action.

AutoAlert CXM patented data analytics informs dealers when customers – including service lane conquests – are in the ideal position to trade keys and provides customer-centric communications for increased engagement and loyalty.


4. Does Your CRM Build a Work Plan for Your Team?

Traditional CRMs require your team to set up processes with minimal manual workflows. This means added work and time for your team.

AutoAlert CXM has automated processes and assigned tasks to update dynamically based on customer and employee behavior. Based on industry best practices, these processes are already built into the platform and customized for your dealership’s needs.

AutoAlert’s comprehensive dealership solutions include service-to-sales, data mining, one-to-one marketing, and employee engagement. And to get your teams started, AutoAlert offers the most robust, award-winning employee training program in the industry.


5. Does Your CRM Help with Dealership Communications and Customer Journey?

Traditional CRM’s facilitate communication between your dealership and your customers. But if your CRM is not integrated with all dealership tools, this creates siloed information. Siloed information produces confusing customer messaging, leading to low response rates, lost sales and service opportunities, and poor customer experience.

AutoAlert dealers can safely integrate other industry providers into the AutoAlert platform using secured via Soc 2 Type 2 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certifications, open-API. This means dealers have all their customer’s information on one screen, in one tool.

AutoAlert CXM offers dealerships the single solution they need to synchronize dealership communications for a personalized, seamless customer journey from test drive to collecting signatures, both online and in-store on one screen, on any device, and it is fully integrated with AutoAlert’s industry-leading data mining solution, AlertMiner.


AutoAlert CXM, the Next-Gen of CRM

Modern CRM tools should leverage data and predict in-market customers’ expectations based on customer behaviors. 

AutoAlert CXM not only predicts customer behaviors but manages your dealership’s interactions and enhances customer experiences with dynamic, work-from-anywhere technology.

“The greatest demand in the automotive industry is to evolve the car buying experience and tools that are being used to help employees meet their consumer’s demands.,” said Brian Huth, General Manager of Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford. “With AutoAlert CXM, we have the power of data-driven insights that simplify daily operations, work from anywhere mobile flexibility, automation for ease of use, and the significance of connecting the entire organization under one informative ecosystem.


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