Cutting Through the Noise: Managing Your Customers’ Lifecycles

Unlocking better results through customer data isn’t limited to any team. It activates the potential of customer data across the dealership; it needs to be accurate, trustworthy, accessible to your team, and easily digestible.

When your teams break out of their silos and operate from the same Customer Data Platform (CDP), your dealership can better plan, collaborate more smoothly, and have more substantial outcomes.

What is a Customer Data Platform?

A Customer Data Platform is software that combines data from multiple sources to create a single centralized customer database. They capture interactions with your product or service via different touch points; social media, your website, email, and any other place a customer might interact. It will automatically update and organize as new data becomes available.

A CDP ensures total consolidation and accuracy of your customer information, giving you a complete view of your customer’s behaviors and insights. CDPs don’t just store and analyze data; they make data actionable, enabling your dealership to identify and easily engage with customers and leverage targeted marketing campaigns.


A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps to organize and manage customer-facing interactions. A CRM will store your client’s information and history with your sales and support teams, but they don’t collect behavioral data on how customers interact with your product or service like a CDP.

A CDP can tell you each step a customer has taken since engaging with your dealership and how they behave within your product. It will clean and consolidate your customer data to give you a clear view of every opportunity.

A CDP does not replace a CRM. Your dealership will need both a CRM and a CDP for optimal function. This is why AutoAlert CXM is unlike any other modern automotive CRM on the market. While other CRMs align sales teams and ensure all leads are recorded and followed up, CXM will set your dealership up to be strategic with sales and service marketing and lead management based on your customer’s lifecycle position.

“We switched to AutoAlert CXM because it’s an intuitive follow-up platform and easier for our staff to use because all Sales and Service customer information is in one place! It helps us build better relationships with our customers every day. AutoAlert CXM is a game changer for the automotive industry. “

Brian Huth, Sam Pack Five Star Ford Dallas

Give Your Customers a Personalized Experience

It’s no secret that customers don’t appreciate irrelevant and intrusive marketing content, but they do engage with curated, individualized messages that are timely to their current situation. A CDP provides deep insights into your customers and allows you to easily segment your customer data to create personalized marketing campaigns.

When systems work in silos and don’t share the necessary data to craft a single customer view, most marketing messages fail to reach customers because they’re irrelevant to them at that time.

Tools like AutoAlert’s modern CRM, AutoAlert CXM, allow you to anticipate what your customers will do and want next. They offer the potential to engage individually with customers and enhance their experience. With a complete picture of their shopping journey, you can funnel them through customized marketing paths based on their interactions.

Here For the Long Run

CDPs are emerging as the most important piece of technology in automotive for dealerships to get a better understanding of their customers. Without a CDP, your data will likely be unorganized and disconnected, making it ineffective for customer analytics.

In this ever-changing automotive business, it’s critical to have solutions that can adapt and grow with you. A system that cleans, consolidates, and connects data points across complex customer journeys and sorts all customer data in one system is consequential for success.

Significantly reduce your churn risk, increase customer satisfaction, and improve retention. There’s only an upside, so don’t delay your dealership’s success. Make your platform work for you today.

AutoAlert CXM has you covered as the leading automotive CDP backed by the most actionable data in the industry.

Learn how AutoAlert CXM can increase sales and retention.


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