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Customize Your Service-to-Sales Process for Optimal Results

The Most Profitable Space in Your Dealership Just Got More Efficient

The data doesn’t lie; your service drive is where most of your profits develop. Customers visit your service department daily, and most sales opportunities are missed. This is often due to Sales staff not knowing when and where their opportunities lie or how to deliver the message to their customer. Successful dealers leverage smart technology and the power of their sales department to provide the best possible customer experience and avoid “leaving money on the table” in the service drive.

Not All Service Visits Have Equal Value

Customers visiting your service department are one of the most controllable types of business the dealerships have. The challenge in realizing the service drive’s sales potential is knowing which customers to reach, when, and the right message.

Service Lead Management (SLM) is the industry’s first data-driven workflow process that provides dealers with the framework to streamline and simplify their service-to-sales process. The process includes proactive, automated data mining for the service department, creating visibility and actionable activities via notifications to sell, source, and conquest more vehicles and retain more customers.

Review upcoming service appointments and identify qualified sales opportunities, such as customers in equity, high vehicle repair costs, and customer lifestyle changes. This is made easy with the Service Lead Management (SLM) tool in the AutoAlert platform.

Collected data shows that with 100 customers in the service drive, the SLM process has the potential to sell a minimum of five of them. Leading dealerships can sell seven using this process. On the other hand, the average dealership not implementing SLM will only be able to sell to 1.5 customers.

How many customers are you able to sell this week?

Maximize the Benefits of Your Top Source of Leads

When customers visit the dealership for service, they are at the dealership for a specific need. While they may not be actively considering a new car purchase, they are open to the idea when presented with an offer for a new vehicle at a similar or lower payment. You can convert sales and cultivate loyal customers by providing proactive customer service.

Loyal customers often find themselves in a favorable equity position and are more likely to buy again. Implementing techniques such as SLM can boost sales, resulting in even greater overall profitability.

Integrated Workflows Give You the Right Path to Follow

It’s now easier to reach buyers in your service drive who can upgrade to a new vehicle with additional Workflow optimization features.

Dealership efficiency doubles when workflows are utilized. Dealers can accomplish their goals by automating and assigning profitable tasks to the appropriate team members. Workflows can be easily adjusted based on insights obtained from lead or data mining, allowing for personalized experiences tailored to each customer.

The Workflow Manager identifies customers most likely to make a purchase and delivers them into your inbox in a manageable way. SLM is now integrated as a workflow-triggered process, opening up countless ways to communicate and activate data. Dealers have the flexibility to customize tasks and align service-to-sales processes that complement specific objectives and dealership operations.

When Dealers Utilize AutoAlert, Engaged Service Customers Generate 10% More Service Revenue Than Non-Autoalert Dealers.

What’s New to Improve Your Results!

With SLM-integrated workflows, you can personalize your processes based on your desired audience and the most relevant data available. Filter specific data points for endless ways to capture customer opportunities and utilize all touchpoints to create follow-up tasks.

Leverage customization through a user-friendly interface consolidating all reporting into a single location, with email notifications containing descriptions. The workflow engine streamlines transforming relevant data from customer touchpoints into actionable tasks and follow-up actions.

Some new available actions:

  • Access reports from anywhere in the system
  • Pin and Favorite most frequently used reports for convenient access
  • Create and save custom date ranges to personalize your views
  • Subscribe users to a report for easy export to Excel or CSV, delivered directly to your inbox
  • Get a comprehensive view with the Details tab
  • Group filters to further customize your view
  • Utilize charts that are consistent across all reports
  • Discover Hover Overs to find answers to commonly asked questions
  • Analyze trends to help you plan

Don’t Lose Out on Easy Sales

Dealers equipped with the appropriate tools and processes have the potential to identify and convert service customers, opening up opportunities for profitable sales and enhanced consumer loyalty. Providing the right offer at the right moment adds value to the customer experience, fostering loyalty. These tools generate more sales and greatly expedite the buying process, particularly in the service drive.

Discover how AutoAlert’s latest SLM workflow operates to maximize your success. Click below to learn more and schedule a demo today!

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