Turn Dealership Data into Action

Create Customer Experiences as Unique as Your Customers

Top-Tier Data and Automated Workflows Leads the Way to More Dealership Wins

Access to historical and robust intelligent data that is self-learning catalyzes exceptional systems that lead to satisfied, loyal customers. When a dealership’s CRM supplies leading data in every classification, that dealership has a head start before the race has even begun.

Using advanced data science, dealership systems like AutoAlert, neatly organize and categorize customers as alert blocks that indicate where they are in the buying lifecycle.

Within each alert is a gold mine of customers ready to buy. But how do users filter out the customers prepared to purchase today more easily and quickly from the hundreds to thousands of customers in your database?

Self-learning data intelligence works behind the scenes to sift through the alert blocks using extensive data science expertise that includes thousands of data points, years of trending customer behavior patterns, buying patterns, and predictive analytics to sort customers whose data indicates they are likely ready to buy a new vehicle soon, if not today.

Then, steps in an automated Workflow Manager to create methods from the analyzed data. In a nutshell, the Workflow Manager selects the customers who are most likely ready to buy and delivers them into your inbox in a manageable way.

Bringing the Workflow to Life

Dealership efficiency doubles with Workflows. Dealers can achieve their objectives by automating and assigning profitable tasks to the most relevant team members. Easily adapt workflows based on lead or data mining insights and create unique experiences tailored to each customer.

Identify top opportunities with features that do most of the work for you, including:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Historical Buying Patterns​
  • Customer Behavior
  • Engagement Tracking

Optimize results by retaining and incorporating favorite processes into the Workflow. Create leads with a single click from any data mining component, monitor and measure every customer touchpoint, and identify and address bottlenecks for continuous improvement. 

The greatest lead source, the service drive, is made even greater with easy-to-use automated tasks that seamlessly transition service customers to sales. The result is improved inventory acquisition and customer satisfaction.

Optimized for the Best Offer Across the Customer Lifecycle

The experience the customer is having with your dealership can make or break the sale. Meeting each customer’s unique needs with a 360* view and creating a seamless customer experience will make all the difference in the sales process and with repeat business and referrals.

The Workflow not only notifies whom to call, but the customer’s what, when, and how is provided to give a full picture of their lifecycle. You’ll have enough information about the customer to conduct a meaningful conversation. Phone scripts can also be tailored to meet the needs of each customer, and the best contact method is used for maximal success.

Get Into the Flow

The combination of predictive analytics, machine learning, historical buying patterns, customer behavior, and engagement tracking easily adjusts to every customer in your database for a cohesive process.

With the AutoAlert Workflow, you’ll gain:

  • An adaptable workflow engine for processes as unique as your customers.
  • A customized on-order process that intertwines automated steps with your sales staff.
  • Proactive communication that keeps customers engaged.

Provide your customers a “red carpet experience” and turn your top opportunities into today’s deals.  

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