Car Wars and AutoAlert Announce New Integration Partnership

Kansas City, MO. | October 11, 2022 – Car Wars and AutoAlert have joined forces to bring dealers exciting capabilities where users will gain access to AutoAlert’s advanced data ecosystem paired with Car Wars’ detailed call tracking software right from their CRM, AutoAlert CXM.

AutoAlert does the leg work for dealers by taking all dealership data to create an optimized task list for staff to carry out on the best opportunities. For example, AutoAlert generates lists of customers across various profit centers like “find a car/find a buyer” for inventory sourcing, used to used mapping, and open recall, and delivers daily optimized workflows to users making massive amounts of data simple and actionable. This saves time for dealers and provides an overall better customer experience.

Car Wars’ comprehensive call tracking and phone handling software reduce phone handling processes and performance gaps. With greater visibility on phone calls, dealers can leverage the phone to capture more leads and improve the caller experience.

What’s included in this integration?

Car Wars’ Click to Call feature captures outbound calls and assigns them to the salesperson and the correct customer with available audio right within AutoAlert.

Inbound calls are shared with AutoAlert’s ability to create leads based on customer phone number matching.

In AutoAlert’s Call Tracking Dashboard, inbound and outbound calls display whether or not those calls matched an existing customer in CXM and to whom the lead is assigned. Leads that are not assigned can be assigned manually.

“We are very excited about our Car Wars partnership and seamless integration with our AutoAlert CXM platform,” says Tom Walls, Chief Technology Officer at AutoAlert. “As the largest provider of call telephony in the auto industry, Car Wars will provide AutoAlert CXM dealers with the ability to monitor and listen to all daily calls made to their customers and provide an even better customer experience. The AutoAlert/Car Wars integration delivers higher accountability, seamless matching of inbound calls to active leads and existing customer profiles while dramatically improving efficiency from a single tool.”

“Car Wars’ goal is to create a great experience for users of our product,” states Jackie Bowers, EVP of Marketing & Product Planning at Car Wars. “With that same goal in mind, it made perfect sense to team up with AutoAlert. As a leading provider in the CXM space, the AutoAlert partnership will create greater efficiency for dealers where the phones can be properly tracked and measured, and all the necessary customer information needed to be successful is in one place.”

Integration capabilities are available for AutoAlert and Car Wars users. To learn more about the AutoAlert and Carwars integration,
call 833-256-4935.

About AutoAlert

Founded in 2002, AutoAlert is the recognized leading provider of automotive dealer products and services to enhance the relationship dealers have with their customers leading to repeat purchases in sales and service and increased loyalty. AutoAlert offers a portfolio of innovative solutions that maximize dealership profitability by focusing on the customer experience and creating direct opportunities, both online and offline.

AutoAlert is proud to lead the industry in data security, with independently audited high-level security in place via Soc 2 Type 2 certification and ISO 27001 Certification.

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About Car Wars

Car Wars leverages human reviews, artificial intelligence, and CRISP metrics to equip Sales and Service departments with everything they need to Own The Phone. By listening to and categorizing every inbound and outbound call at a dealership, Car Wars provides managers with insight into how every call is handled, alerts them when an opportunity needs attention, and actively improves phone performance in both sales and service.

Car Wars uses competition and transparent accountability alongside live call insight to create a high-powered phone culture that helps more callers faster and converts more phone calls into booked appointments.


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