Turn Dealership Data into Action


Outstanding automotive marketing and customer retention can be effectively achieved with the right proactive customer data platform.

Consumer profiling is nothing new, and throughout time dealerships have used many different marketing tactics – from ads, radio or tv commercials, product placement, point-of-sales materials, blow-up wavy guys, etc. But those options, though strategic, are examples of non-personalized, blanket marketing.

On the other hand, personalized marketing campaigns are specific and targeted toward individual shoppers. With the right data, relevant offers can be directed right to customers via modes the customer is already engaging in, including email and social media. Compared to blanket strategies, personalized marketing delivers a better shopping experience for the customer while significantly fostering the desired outcomes of the dealership.

Personalized marketing functions through the use of algorithms in which details about consumers’ lifestyles are collected, analyzed, organized, and compared to consumers with similar shopping behaviors. Customer profiles are constantly updated and used to suggest products or services shoppers are more likely to buy via deliberately placed ads. On top of that, purchase frequency is also recorded, so it is known when a shopper is likely to be back in market.

As an online shopper, you have probably noticed that products have been presented to you through ads and suggestions; you may have even purchased an item after seeing an ad. As calculating as this may seem, studies show that consumers are 5.3X more likely to buy when they receive targeted, personalized marketing. Consumers want companies to make their shopping experiences easier and aren’t turned off by suggestions if they’re relevant to them. That goes for car shoppers too.

Data and equity mining with predictive customer scoring can calculate what customers need and when they need it based on service drive information, shopping behavior patterns, and other profiling methods. It also knows and continues to learn each customer’s preferences for communication, whether by phone, email, text, or even a social media messaging channel. So you are communicating with the right customer at the right time with the right message and using the right communications channel.

Let your data work for you! AutoAlert’s Proactive Marketing platform uses a sophisticated recommendation engine that offers new opportunities for service or sales and has perfected the timing to engage customers already in market. AutoAlert can also reach customers who aren’t currently looking for cars online. A targeted offer to trade keys at about the same payment and drive away in a new vehicle just might be the thing that makes them pull the trigger!

If your dealership hasn’t experienced the benefits of targeted marketing, which is also fully integrated into your dealership CRM and customer profiles, then connect with AutoAlert today to leverage the data you have right now to engage with your top opportunities and start selling like never before!