AutoAlert’s Open-API Allows More Inventory Solutions

We created our platform to be a highly secure, open API so that your dealership has the opportunity to leverage other vendor services using the same powerful data insights that our platform provides. This comes in handy when tackling specific challenges, like inventory shortages.

For example, our recent integration with global marketing leader Epsilon (more specifically, its automotive subsidiary, Aspen Automotive) provides a unique inventory solution: Easily create and market targeted buy-back event campaigns with a strategic focus on vehicles you’re interested in, whether conquest or previously sold. You can also focus on customers who are most likely ready to trade.

Our integration with vAuto allows for on-the-spot appraisals to close more sales. Maybe a likely-to-buy customer comes in and is serious about the offer you sent. Or someone you talk to in the service lane wants to take the next steps. Being able to push prepopulated data fields over to vAuto with one click for instant appraisals goes a long way in providing customers with a quick trade value.

One strategy is inviting in customers with open recalls (for which you have parts available), who are driving highly desirable vehicles, who are showing that they’ll likely purchase soon. An accurate trade value provides the transparency the customer is looking for, while giving them one more reason to come in and see you.

With More Data, Do More

Our platform features tools and integrations that are built to work together and support your team in any data-driven goal.

This creates reliable processes that serve your dealership no matter the outside influences on the market. Detailed reports zero in on each task and communication, engagement and sale, and guide your team to pivot or keep doing what they’re doing.

If you’re already signed up with us, we’re sharing dealer best practices for combatting inventory challenges right on your dashboard for your team to get started with when ready. Contact your Account Manager if you need assistance or have any questions.


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