AutoAlert Wins Prestigious Diamond Award for Data Mining in the 2023 Dealers’ Choice Awards

Kansas City, MO – AutoAlert, a leading innovator in automotive software solutions, is proud to announce its recent Diamond Award for Data Mining achievement in the 2023 Dealers’ Choice Awards. This esteemed recognition highlights AutoAlert’s commitment to excellence in data-driven solutions and its dedication to providing cutting-edge technologies to the automotive industry.

The Dealers’ Choice Awards, hosted annually by AutoDealer Today, are among the most respected accolades in the automotive industry. They allow automotive dealers to recognize outstanding service providers consistently delivering top-tier products and services to dealerships.

AutoAlert’s data and equity mining platforms have been recognized as the best in its class, earning the Diamond Award. This award is a testament to AutoAlert’s tireless efforts to empower dealerships with timely, actionable insights that improve customer engagement and drive profitability through data-driven decision-making.

AutoAlert’s platforms empower automotive dealers with actionable insights to elevate customer engagement, setting an industry standard. By utilizing these platforms, dealers can proactively identify customers earlier in their buying cycle, anticipate preferences, and tailor their interactions for an exceptional customer experience.

AutoAlert’s Chief Technology Officer, Tom Walls, commented on this remarkable achievement, “We are thrilled to receive the Diamond Award for Data Mining in the 2023 Dealers’ Choice Awards. This award reflects our unwavering commitment to developing cutting-edge data mining solutions that enable dealerships to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Our platform empowers dealers with the tools they need to unlock valuable customer insights, drive sales, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

AutoAlert’s cutting-edge data mining platforms have transformed how dealerships harness customer data, streamlining the identification of potential service or sales opportunities, especially those ready for a vehicle upgrade. By predicting their needs faster and personalizing every customer touchpoint, AutoAlert’s platforms provide a competitive advantage. This Dealers’ Choice Awards recognition further solidifies AutoAlert’s position as a pioneering force in automotive data solutions.

AutoAlert’s CEO, Allan Stejskal, added, “We are excited and honored to be recognized for over two decades of data excellence. This award reaffirms our dedication to innovation and our mission to provide dealerships with the tools they need to succeed. We thank our dealer partners for their trust and support, as their votes played a pivotal role in securing this award. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in automotive data and equity mining and supporting our customers in achieving their dealerships’ goals.”

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“AutoAlert’s data mining is a game-changer. It transforms how we harness our data, making identifying opportunities in our service database seamless, especially when tied in with our manufacturers and DMS. It’s like having a team of experts running deals on every single customer every night, so we can focus on our lowest hanging fruit and maximize our advantage.”
Michael Tasca, Tasca Automotive Group

About AutoAlert

AutoAlert offers innovative solutions that maximize dealership profitability by focusing on customer relationships and creating direct opportunities for meaningful data-driven connections. Founded in 2002, AutoAlert is the leading automotive software and data mining provider, enhancing customer relationships that lead to repeat sales, service, and increased loyalty. AutoAlert aims to empower innovative automotive partnerships to improve data-driven customer experiences. AutoAlert is proud to lead the industry in data security, with independently audited high-level security in place via Soc 2 Type 2 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certifications. For additional information on AutoAlert, please visit

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