3 Places to Engage Your Customers & Beat the Competition Image

3 Places to Engage Your Customers & Beat the Competition

  • A more complete picture of each customer
  • Where they are in the vehicle-buying journey
  • Steps to reach them at the right time with the right message
  • A clear path for closing the sale

Let’s look at three places where your dealership can reach customers using the AutoAlert data platform.

1. On Their Phones

Data can tell you when customers are shopping competitors’ lots. It can tell you when they’re engaging with your marketing materials, when they’re shopping online for cars – even when they’re exhibiting behavior that indicates, for each specific customer, that they are likely to buy soon.

So, reaching them in a timely manner becomes critical. This usually means reaching them on their phones!

With AutoAlert, you can run targeted ads on Facebook with personalized offers specific to that customer. You can send text messages and emails that link to tailored URLs for each customer with additional offer details.

Arguably, the best use of data today by any business is to accurately predict what and when consumers want to buy. And also be able to reach them.

2. In the Service Drive

The service drive is a prime opportunity for increasing vehicle sales. People pouring in and out every day … How do you do it intelligently? How do you do it effectively? And how do you get your team onboard?

First, you need to determine the right customers to approach. Posting a sign that says “We want to buy your car/We need your car” can easily come off as a sales tactic to the wrong customer.

AutoAlert identifies the right customers and gives you information that is helpful. Maybe the data and analytics have indicated that they’re in-market, that they were on your competitor’s lot yesterday, that they’re shopping crossovers, and that their warranty is almost up. Now you have a much better reason to start a conversation.

With AutoAlert, you can even create a “wish list” of vehicles you’d like to acquire through the service drive. You’ll be alerted when a customer with one of those vehicles shows up. Better yet, you’ll be alerted when they schedule an appointment, giving your team the chance to prepare ahead of time.

3. In the Future

With AutoAlert’s data platform you’ll be able to predict what and when your customers are ready to buy, giving you the opportunity to meet their needs faster than the competition – often before the customer even realizes them.

This is key to saving consumers’ time and keeping your customers.

Our dealer partners tell us they call a customer with a platform-identified opportunity, the customer says they aren’t currently interested, and then the customer calls back in a day or two asking about the details again. These conversations often turn into a sale.

Why? Because the data is accurate. AutoAlert gives the dealership something useful to share with the customer that aligns with their specific needs – information that the competition doesn’t have.

With multiple proven ways to engage the customer with AutoAlert – backed information, the dealership now has a new opportunity to deliver an easy and seamless experience.

When your customer has a buying experience that is easy and seamless, you have a unique opportunity to retain their business. The #1 complaint consumers have when buying a vehicle is “It takes too long.” Eliminate that roadblock, and you’ll win customers for life!