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AI, No Longer an Alien Concept – Integrate AI Into Your Dealership Business Model for Maximized Profits

Long gone are the days in which AI was only seen in movies, like the 2001 sci-fi film directed by Steven Spielberg and redundantly titled A.I. Artificial Intelligence. It is now present in our everyday lives, in less dramatic forms than robot children, but affecting and directing many facets behind the scenes.

AI mimics the cognitive functions of the human mind, particularly in learning and problem-solving. Many of the apps we use today are powered by AI – ChatGPT being the current widespread phenomenon garnering attention.

From voice-activated virtual assistants to e-commerce, AI applications are everywhere.

And companies across all industries are integrating AI into their processes to find solutions to complex business problems, including automotive dealerships. In fact, a substantial 47% of automotive dealerships leverage AI to enhance their expansion and foster customer loyalty.

AI can compile and process vast amounts of data on your customers. It has a never-ending ability to learn about your customers and limitless capabilities to apply that intelligence to your dealership processes.

Because AI, data-driven platforms offer comprehensive solutions for every customer-facing dealer department, including service-to-sales, data and equity mining, proactive marketing, and employee engagement, dealers can benefit from the power of automating their dealership systems instead of performing every task manually.

AI assists your team by consistently interacting with customers on a timely basis, creating a personalized approach that enhances their experiences. Using automation and AI algorithms, your dealership can easily predict upcoming sales, improve inventory management, and even anticipate the likelihood of vehicle purchases from specific customers and zip codes.

As a result, dealers simplify daily operations, achieve greater efficiencies, nurture and retain more customers, and sell more vehicles through sales and your service drive!

Studies prove that 76% of dealers believe that AI assists dealerships of every size in advancing growth at an increased rate than experienced in years past, ultimately leading to greater profits through sales, service, and even parts.

With AI’s integration into automotive sales and marketing, dealerships and OEMs are discovering new ways to engage with their customers to propel growth.

The added availability and in-depth understanding of customers’ desires increase customer trust, which increases loyal affiliation, and soon they’ll come to rely on you as their go-to automotive solution.

“AI can even help facilitate natural sales conversations, answer customer service inquiries, and track customer behavior data to inform your marketing decisions. In other words, I believe AI allows businesses of every size, level, and industry to forge ahead toward growth goals with velocity.” Cleve Adams, President and CEO of VOXOX and contributor to

You’ll be able to provide something other dealerships can’t – precisely what they want when they want it.

Innovative AI is only as good as how well humans utilize it. So, if you want your dealership to retain loyal customers and create positive brand awareness by addressing customers’ issues with timely responses, improving the overall customer experience, and giving your dealership lasting returns, then…

Learn even more! Check out our webinar, “The AI-Enabled Dealership: Customer-Centricity and Beyond” featuring Conversica’s CEO, Jim Kaskade.

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