Point-of-sale Order Process

Follow the steps below to place your point-of-sale order.

Download PDF version of these instructions

1. Access Website

Visit Autoalert.com/pos
Click on the “Click to Order” button

2. Account Setup

Signup & Signin
Users will have to sign-up the first time in the order site by checking the “I am a new user” radio button & then clicking the “Continue On” button. Existing clients will choose “I am a returning user” and be required to enter their Email Address & Password before clicking “Continue On”.

Create Profile
New Users are now directed to create a profile, which will be saved for future access & ordering. There are specific requirements to create a profile, which are located in the top left of the page.

3. Navigate Catalog

Catalog Page
Once a User ID is created, you will be directed to the catalog page. This page consists of two (2) message types; “Sales Message” & “Service Message”. Each message type contains three (3) product offerings; “Banners”, “Table Tents” & “Hang Tag”. To display the different message types and product offerings, click in the directory located in the top left of the catalog page.

Add Quantity
After choosing a message type & product, you may also choose desired quantities from the drop-down. To proceed with your selection, click “Add”. The user will then be directed to the “Imprint Information” page.

4. Order Details

Imprint Information

  • Select the OEM. This will render the POS color. Only one OEM may be selected per product.
  • Complete the Address Information section. NOTE: This information will be printed EXACTLY as entered. As the information is completed, the proof to the right will update. You may also toggle the image to preview the back side (if applicable with the product). Once complete, click “Checkout”.
  • Accept Proof. This page renders a sample for print approval. The user must check the box “I am responsible for all costs applicable for this order and approve the exact layout shown.” Please click “Accept Proof” once the information is verified.

Edit Order | User Verification | Shipping information
If there are additional POS products to be added to the order, click “Add More Products”. The user will be redirected to the page on step (4) and repeat steps 4 – 6. If no additional products are required, proceed with verifying the “Requester Information” & “Shipping Information”. Click “Billing Info” once finished.

5. Finalize Order

Billing Page
Please choose shipping preference & complete the “Billing Code Information” section. Click “Review Order” to continue.

Summary Page
Users will have one last opportunity to review the order, then must click “Send Order”.

Email Confirmation
The email confirmatiotn of the completed order will be sent to the User for their records, to AutoAlert Accounts Receivable to generate an invoice, and to the necessary Production Managers and Staff to fulfil the order.