Pando X keeps your entire team engaged and working together.

An unparalleled communication and
collaboration platform.

Pando X provides simple visibility and management of daily engagement activities. Designed specifically for sales, BDC, and service staff, Pando X is your daily task manager and activity portal for intelligent follow-up, allowing users to focus only on quality engagements that drive sales and gross margins.

Pando X is made up of two main components:


Provides a simple and actionable list for your team to move the needle.

Automation Engine

Creates follow-up tasks to be moved into actions based on specific criteria.

Pando X Managers Dashboard

It’s very hard to improve your customers’ experience without improving that of your employees. Do both, with Pando X.

Create and automate processes for sales, human resources, and any other dealership segment, or for your team as a whole, while providing employees with a way to build and strengthen culture at the same time.

Keep your team engaged and working together at all times
Create, monitor, and tweak customized processes centered around the customer
View AlertMiner deal sheets and conversation starters
Calendar, messages, and tasks keep your team informed and organized
Build your dealership’s culture and improve your employees’ experience
How does the sales team know real-time which customer is ready to buy their next vehicle?

Selling cars has never been so fun.

With Pando X, employees can easily access all of the information they need to approach customers and start (or continue) a meaningful conversation. They’ll also have a tool for planning company activities, like fundraisers, potlucks, and ugly sweater parties – whatever is important to you and your team.

  • “With AutoAlert, Paul Miller Auto Group has seen an incredible increase in our loyalty, but most importantly, a better conversation with our customer, and that's the unique part about it." JP Miller
    President of Paul Miller Auto Group