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AutoAlert makes big data actionable.

Our industry-leading predictive analytics tool creates customer offers that help dealers sell more cars, shorten the trade cycle, increase customer loyalty and retention, and see profitable growth in sales, service, and F&I.

Customer Experience Management

One-to-One Intelligent Marketing

Automated AI Appointment Scheduling

Sales on the Service Drive

Targeted Real-Time Ads

HR Management

Inter-Dealership Communication

Pre-Owned Inventory Management

Reputation Management

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AutoAlert is by far our best tool for ROI. The profits are much higher with AutoAlert. We can engage a customer who is not in the market, bring them in, keep their payments the same, get them into a new car with no money down, and our profits increase on the deal as well, so it’s fantastic for the dealership and the customer.

Brad Mugg,Brad Mugg, Managing Partner at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore.

The results from the pilot program speak for themselves.

How AutoAlert Works

Industry-leading predictive analytics find all of your customers who are ready to buy today.

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Lexus offers incremental private offer incentives to your customers, creating even more sales opportunities.

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Your customers receive:

  • Personalized Offer Statements
  • Email Campaigns
  • Personalized Landing Page
  • Targeted Facebook Ads (optional)
  • BDC (optional)

Call tracking and comprehensive reporting come standard.

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We send the leads directly to you.

  • Open Email
  • PURL Visit
  • Online Shopping
  • In Your Service Drive
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Giving you full visibility into your service lane.

Just in the last month, we sold 38 new Lexus vehicles alone with AutoAlert, and acquired 18 trade-ins, which is a hard thing especially in the luxury market. We typically have a higher gross profit on those trade-ins as well.

Jarrod Kilway, Director of Digital Strategy and Solutions at Germain Automotive Partnerships.

How Service Lead Management Works

  • Customer Enters the Service Drive

    Even before your customer has arrived, they could have received a personalized offer to buy a car.

  • All Customer Data is Compiled

    Their vehicle is logged in with a VIN scan, DMS integration, or RFID. Your customer’s profile information is immediately pulled and prepared.

  • Pando X Alerts Your Team With Info

    Pando X compiles the information sending it to your sales team immediately. You choose who gets the alert to approach the sale. Your team member will have all the information about their vehicle, payments, and even scripts to help make the approach.

  • A Personalized Offer is Created

    Pulling the most pertinent data from AlertMiner, a customized offer is created meeting all the criteria to make the sale. The offer is printed or sent directly to the sales member’s phone.

  • Sales Presents a Customized Offer

    Sales member meets with customer and presents upgrade proposal that was taken directly from the AlertMiner's dealsheet.

    Even if no one from your sales team is able to make it to the customer, they’ll receive a printed offer at the cashier and sales will be notified again.

  • The Sale is Made

    The deal is made. The keys are swapped. High fives and handshakes. Now it’s time to find a new buyer for that pre-owned vehicle.

With best-in-class, ongoing training and support for your entire team.

To help you every step of the way.

What Dealers Are Saying About AutoAlert

Cliff Mitchell

GM of Watson Quality Ford

AutoAlert is changing the way we do business. It’s refreshing because the customers don’t want to do business the old way. They want it on their terms and the information AutoAlert gives us allows us to give the customer what they want.

Bob Tasca III

VP of Tasca Automotive Group

CEO of Tasca Racing

AutoAlert can go into our database, identify the customers that are able to swap keys, and add extra incentives through Ford to get the customers to come back. This is changing the way we look at marketing altogether.

Mitchell Dale

GM of McRee Ford

Many of our customers are in a position to be driving a new vehicle, which makes great financial sense to them. There’s not only value to the dealership, but there’s value to the customers.

Brian Huth

GM of Sam Pack's Five Star Ford

We’ve had a great success with mileage alert. We’re at double digits on lease retention. The more we use AutoAlert, the better off we are.

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