Teamwork: Good for Employees and Customers (and for Selling Cars)

Teamwork: Good for Employees and Customers (and for Selling Cars)

Dec. 28, 2017

When it comes to selling cars at your dealership, the process involves multiple people, and this requires teamwork—working together in order to fulfill the needs of both the business and the customer. Customers thrive on personal attention when it comes to shopping for big-ticket items, like new cars, and this means the success of every sale depends on how well your dealership as a whole is represented to customers. When all your employees work together, it helps customers feel more comfortable knowing they have multiple people helping them simultaneously complete successful transactions.

Boost Teamwork to Win Opportunities

Your sales team comes in contact with multiple customers every day, and this means they have the opportunity to sell a car during each interaction. In order to turn each of these opportunities into a successful transaction, it’s essential for the entire team to work together and communicate effectively. A study on collaboration showed 97% of employees and executives were in complete agreement that the company goals and objectives are best met when they are working together as a team. However, if your dealership is like most, you’ve likely got a variety of individual workstyles, with some of your professionals being stronger team players than others. In this case, be sure to highlight the skills of your standout team players, and lean on them to help you encourage and inspire your entire staff. The best work places offer a great balance of teamwork and individual work and promote a variety of ways to work together, as well as focus on individual advancement.

Consider this. but your customers walk into your dealership and expect your pros to share their knowledge quickly and efficiently. When your entire team comes together and shares information, it’s possible to have access to any number of resources almost instantaneously, and when your employees work together, utilize the technology you offer, and communicate effectively, they can easily obtain answers and keep customers happy. Not everyone needs to know everything, because with solid teamwork and good internal communication tools, your entire team can pool their knowledge, know-how, and expertise—working together to make every customer feel confident and comfortable when purchasing vehicles at your dealership.

Use Teamwork to Boost Employee Engagement

Feeling important and necessary to the everyday operation of the dealership is integral to the overall performance of your employees. By contributing and collaborating to help the dealership reach its goals and provide quality customer experiences, employees will see their place in the larger picture and become more engaged in the workplace. When they are able to see the important roles they play in everyday dealership processes, they are likely to contribute more fully to the team environment. This has the effect of boosting employee morale, creating a more positive work environment, and enhancing employee investments in their professional roles and day-to-day operations.

Additionally, an environment where teamwork is fostered helps to ensure all employees are on a level playing field. Dealerships see their fair share of new employees, and by setting great standards for communicating and working together, new coworkers can easily assimilate and learn the best ways to work in their new environment. Their veteran counterparts know all the tricks and hints about how to succeed, so working with them not only builds relationships between coworkers, but allows them to see how the job should be performed. Additionally, it allows new employees to be more comfortable around their coworkers and feel more welcome, giving them more confidence when interacting with customers.

In the end, an atmosphere where teamwork is valued and rewarded can make your dealership the best place for customers and employees alike. Not only will it help you build an engaged workforce, but it will ensure you offer the most inviting and positive experience for customers who are looking for quick, accurate information and efficient service.

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