Engaged Employees Begin with Leaders: Enthusiasm Is Contagious

Engaged Employees Begin with Leaders: Enthusiasm Is Contagious

Jan. 31, 2018

This month has been all about top-down engagement, and it can be summed up by reminding you it’s imperative for leadership to get engaged and be hands-on in order for employees to join in and participate. In order to have fully engaged employees, participation must begin with top management and work downward to include every single individual in your organization. By using a top-down engagement process, you will reach more employees and motivate them to participate in activities that will benefit the company as a whole.

Leaders and managers set the engagement example for every employee, and are therefore integral to the overall success of an engagement platform. Engaged employees will look to the leaders in your company or dealership to set the example and demonstrate exactly what engagement looks like on a day-to-day basis, and they will follow your lead when it comes to teamwork, positive attitude, and cooperation.

What is engagement?

Employee engagement is a way of measuring the level of commitment an employee has to his or her company. An engaged employee is one who will go above and beyond to get the job done, will strive to perform at the highest possible levels, and will put forth the effort necessary to make a positive difference in his or her company. In short, these are the types of employees every company or dealership wants to have, and by providing leadership that sets an engaged example, your dealership can be on its way to having an engaged workforce. Employees who are engaged are more productive, take less sick days, and stay with their companies longer—all things that will save your business money in the long run.

Engaged employees are crucial to your business; in fact, engaged employees have the power to drive a company’s success simply by sustaining a culture of trust, cooperation, and collaboration.

Things to Remember

As a leader, remember your attitude is contagious—and your enthusiasm is contagious. Whatever you carry into the dealership on any given day will be picked up by each individual employee and passed along to others—so be aware of your attitude and your actions, as they will affect those around you. You are setting the tone for the dealership, so be sure it’s the one you want everyone to follow.

This month, we’ve given you some tips and tricks to keep your workforce engaged and excited about the new direction your dealership is taking. Remember to implement some of the following ideas to get your employees revved up about engagement:

Show, don’t tell. It’s all about top-down engagement, and with you setting the example of what engagement looks like, your employees can’t go wrong. Be present and active in what’s going on at your dealership, and your employees will be more eager to join in.

Interact with everyone. It’s easy for employees to form separate groups and want to go into their own corners, but be sure you find ways to have meaningful conversations with everyone. Pull everyone into the activities you have planned and ensure all employees are included. This will build a stronger feeling of unity amongst your team.

Build in time for fun. We all know the work has to get done, but be sure to find time for fun, team-building activities that will allow your employees to get to know each other. Consider an after-hours picnic or family outing that includes everyone.

Allow employees to grow. Employees who feel they are being given the opportunity to expand their careers and their knowledge will be happier and more likely to continue their careers with you rather than move elsewhere. They will also be more invested in giving their best effort to your business every day.

Be a good listener and give employees a voice. Your employees will feel more satisfied if they know you are listening to their suggestions and concerns, as well as giving them the opportunity to share their viewpoints when it comes to dealership changes. Employees are more engaged with their workplace when their opinions are heard and understood.

Recognize employees for their work. Employees who are committed to their work and to the dealership are proud of what they do, and your recognition means a lot to them. Recognize them when they do a great job and let them know they are appreciated for all they do. You will be promoting further engagement by letting employees know they are on the road to success.

As you implement your employee engagement program, you will be in the spotlight. You will be showing your employees how it’s done, so lead by example. Be enthusiastic and show excitement for each new step you implement, and you’ll soon see that your enthusiasm is contagious! Your employees will catch the excitement and spread it to their co-workers, igniting your dealership with a new level of employee engagement that will improve business, sales, and the bottom line.

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