The Data Paradox – Don’t Let It Slow You Down!

AutoAlert Blog - The Data Paradox

The Data Paradox – Don’t Let It Slow You Down!

Are you using data at your dealership? Do you wish you had more?

Most dealerships and other businesses are underusing their data, but still wish they had more.

Harvard Business Journal called this “the data paradox” in its July 20 article, “Why Your Business Needs to Treat Your Edge Data as Capital”: “That conflict is at the heart of a ‘data paradox.’ Many organizations say they need more data than they can get their hands on—but they’re already collecting more than they can process and analyze.”

As the amount and types of data grow, now is a great time to adopt a platform that removes barriers to data optimization: Data that brings value to your dealership and great experiences to your customers.

Let’s take a closer look at the two main challenges, and how AutoAlert’s Activate turns these challenges into opportunities.

Challenge 1: Compiling and Understanding the Data

Discovering the best uses for data is a challenge.

That’s partly because data exists in different silos and isn’t analyzed as a whole.

What would the customer experience be like if you are looking at two or three sources of data versus hundreds? Are you including real-time data, like time-stamped engagement and shopping behavior – usually the best indicators of when a customer is ready to buy?

AutoAlert’s platform eliminates data roadblocks not only by securely collecting data from myriad sources, but also by bringing it all into one place for analysis, every day, so that the user gets a more complete picture of each customer.

That picture also helps ensure the right offer at the right time. The offer isn’t a mystery to the user, nor is it set in stone – the platform provides all the relevant details behind it, which are responsive to the dealership’s goals and the customer’s behaviors in real time.

Once you have the data, know what the data is pointing to, and have something to offer the individual customer, who handles it? Is a phone call made, or a text? Is an email sent?

You might have the most lucrative data insights in the world, but they’ll probably just sit there if your team doesn’t feel empowered to act on them.

"AutoAlert is how we do what we do - get all the useful data on a customer so we can make an intelligent call to share information with the customer. And really understand who the customer is. We can't do it without AutoAlert, and we'll never survive without it, or thrive or grow."
- Chris Foss, Sales Manager at John Vance CDJR

Challenge 2: Translating Insights into Action

A guided, team-based approach to data is ideal for making sure that new insights and opportunities are acted on at the right time.

Activate gives your team clear actions to take based on proven processes. It automates the assignment of tasks and ensures that the right team member takes the right action at the right time.

The benefits include …

  • Giving your team the confidence to take action
  • Eliminating the chance of duplicating efforts while confirming follow-up actions
  • Gaining visibility into task completion so that you can adjust as you learn
  • Discovering unlimited new opportunities that are real opportunities because they meet both your customers’ and your dealership’s needs

Activate is a responsive platform. It doesn’t just assign tasks that your team can check off. It selects from different pathways depending on the customer’s engagement and needs, providing a personalized, elevated customer experience every time.

This unites your team around your customers, giving them your support as well as processes to help ensure no opportunity is missed or dropped.

The Result? A Better CX and More Cars Sold

When used strategically and consistently, data changes the way cars are sold and gives customers the improved experiences they’ve been looking for.

AutoAlert simplifies data for dealerships, turning it into valuable insights and providing clear paths of action to take for engaging customers.

When your data is distilled into the most relevant, powerful insights, then made actionable through responsive, assigned tasks, your dealership has the opportunity to run at an optimal level.

Learn more about Activate here.