The 9 Things Your Data-Mining Tools Should Do

Data tools to sell cars out of your dealership service drive

The 9 Things Your Data-Mining Tools Should Do
A Dealership’s Checklist

October 23, 2019

Your waking hours are spent attracting customers and retaining your sold customers. Add in trying to get ready-to-buy customers to the dealership and you’ve got a very a laborious process. Imagine the tactics required of sales teams back in the 1950’s. Without today’s data tools, dealerships had to come up with novel ways of reaching the influencer of the family to make the sale.

Basic sales skills paired with some ingenuity have served salespeople well over the decades. But since the dawn of all things digital, dealership software has worked to shorten the car-buying journey from entering the market to driving away in a new vehicle.

The evolution of data-mining tools has made some serious strides recently. From providing marketing insights to full-fledged customer experience solutions, dealerships can almost read customer’s minds. Not all software is created equal, though.

Your dealership deserves tools that empower you to do more with no or minimal increase to marketing spend by leveraging what you already have. Ideally, your data-mining solution will provide the best possible customer experience that’s convenient and personalized.

With all this technology, you should be sleeping like a baby. But you aren’t. It’s because industry disrupters like Carvana are scary. Tesla’s business model is causing all kinds of upheaval. And it’s nerve-wracking. All of it.

But you have something they don’t.

While they cause us to reflect on the way things are done, they can’t provide the kind of engagement actual people at an actual dealership can. When the right tools are at your disposal, you can turn times of uncertainty into opportunities to reinforce the value only you can give your customers. The right tools can do a number of things to make this as easy and effective as possible.

This is a list of what data mining tools should do for you and your business. Missing out on these could leave you falling short of providing the customer experience you’re capable of and exposed to defection. Remind your customers of why you are indispensable.

Not sure if you’re fully utilizing your solution? Check out our white paper, Avoiding Pitfalls of Data Mining. Then log in, get cracking, and get back to the reason you love this business, your customers.

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