AutoAlert’s Drew Black Named a 2019 Thought Leader and Rising Star in Social Media Strategy

KANSAS CITY, Mo., March 8, 2019 – AutoAlert’s Digital Content Marketer and Brand Ambassador, Drew Black, has been named a 2019 Thought Leader and Rising Star by The Social Shake-Up. The awards honor those who use social media in a unique, successful way for their brand or clients.

“We already know how invaluable Drew is to AutoAlert, and to growing our culture and our brand, but it’s so great to see him recognized for his exceptional skills on a national level as well,” says Joey Little, Digital Media Strategist. “His brilliant creativity is matched by his incredible work ethic. I wish I had four more Drews.”

AutoAlert’s culture and putting a “face” to its brand have become even more important recently due to the company’s rapid growth and expanding global initiatives. With three main offices (Kansas City, Boston, and Irvine) and employees working remotely in nearly every state and in Canada, Black used Pando – an AutoAlert communication and collaboration tool – to distribute creative content that connects all coworkers, keeping them engaged and informed.

Along with Black, this year’s winners include digital marketers and visionaries from heavy hitters such as LinkedIn, Microsoft and Verizon.

This is the seventh year for The Social Shake-Up, an annual conference and trade show serving marketing, public relations, customer experience, and social media strategists. This year’s conference is May 6 to 8 in Atlanta.

About AutoAlert AutoAlert is widely known as an innovator and originator in the automotive software space. Its Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform has revolutionized the dealership-customer relationship, creating direct opportunities for meaningful connections and seamless experiences both online and offline.

Founded in 2002, AutoAlert quickly became known as a leader in equity-mining, data-mining, and trade-cycle management solutions. Now, AutoAlert is “Building for the Future,” with the advent of a.i. (automotive intelligence), pushing CXM beyond anything the industry has ever seen or utilized. AutoAlert’s unceasing innovation and pursuit of a better way for dealerships and OEMs to do business has led to the development of the most agile, effective software solutions in the marketplace.

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