AutoAlert Wins Patent for AlertOptics, Industry’s First OEM Incentive Management Tool

AutoAlert Wins Patent for AlertOptics, Industry’s First OEM Incentive Management ToolCapability

December 6, 2019

KANSAS CITY, Mo., December 6, 2019 – AutoAlert has secured another patent for its innovative solutions for the automotive industry. AlertOptics, an OEM incentive management and data-analytics platform, is the industry’s only AI tool that gives OEMs the ability to apply targeted incentives to a dealership’s consumer base, driving sales and loyalty.

“We knew there must be a better way for OEMs to manage incentive spend, and it comes down to personalization for the consumer,” says Mike Dullea, CEO of AutoAlert. “What will move the consumer to buy, while improving the overall journey and increasing profits? That’s the answer AlertOptics provides.”

AlertOptics improves the customer experience and journey by optimizing incentive spend through analyzing and actionizing both OEM and dealer data. This allows for the right incentive level to be generated for the right customer, eliminating wasted incentive dollars and identifying incremental sales opportunities. Personalized, OEM-branded offers engage customers via text, email, mail and other channels.

AlertOptics’ flexible incentive programs and detailed reporting give OEMs the ability tot quickly access ROI as well as better predict future buying trends.

“We want to strengthen communication among OEMs, captive finance companies, and dealers to increase their success,” says Kendall Billman, Senior Vice President of AutoAlert.”That means unlocking the right data, fully analyzing that data, and turning it into the best experience for customers.”

AutoAlert is the only company connecting OEMs, captive companies, dealerships and consumers in this way. AlertOptics is just one piece of its complete customer experience solution that also strengthens communications and collaboration at the dealership, provides complete service lane solutions, and improves customer loyalty and retention. The goal is to provide the very best customer experiences while also increasing sales and profits.

AutoAlert received its first U.S. patent in 2010, for its Equity Mining and Financial Alert Process, with successive patents in 2011, 2012, and 2013 to enhance its data mining and sales on the service drive functionalities.

About AutoAlert

Since 2002, AutoAlert has continuously innovated, evolving from a single software program to a full customer experience system. Today, our purpose-built automotive intelligence platform leverages multiple patents to deliver insight-driven outcomes and connect OEM, captive finance, and dealer operations to engage customers in a meaningful way.

Press Contact
Kendall Billman, Senior VP

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