AutoAlert moving to downtown Kansas City from California and promising 300 jobs

AutoAlert, a company that deals in automotive software communications, will move its headquarters from California to downtown Kansas City, according to an announcement Friday from Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.

The company says the move will create 300 jobs for Missourians, according to the governor’s announcement. The state will provide as much as $9.2 million in economic development incentives provided the company creates the promised jobs over a specified timetable. Greitens said the jobs will be “high-paying tech sector” positions.

AutoAlert CEO Mike Dullea said the company evaluated several major markets before choosing to relocate to Kansas City. He said the company plans to announce a specific office location soon and expects to be operational in the spring.

The company intends to maintain offices in Irvine, Calif., Boston, and Manchester, England.

The governor’s press release said the Missouri Partnership, the Kansas City Area Development Council, the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City and KCP&L worked on the AutoAlert project.

Separately, the Missouri Department of Economic Development announced that Code Koalas, a website design and development agency, intends to expand in Kansas City by adding 88 new jobs over the next five years.

Code Koalas already is based in Kansas City. It also will receive a state incentive package of about $405,000 if it meets its job-creation criteria.

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AutoAlert is widely known as an innovator and originator in the automotive software space. Its Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform has revolutionized the dealership-customer relationship, creating direct opportunities for meaningful connections and seamless experiences both online and offline.

Founded in 2002, AutoAlert quickly became known as a leader in equity-mining, data-mining, and trade-cycle management solutions. Now, AutoAlert is “Building for the Future,” with the advent of a.i. (automotive intelligence), pushing CXM beyond anything the industry has ever seen or utilized. AutoAlert’s unceasing innovation and pursuit of a better way for dealerships and OEMs to do business has led to the development of the most agile, effective software solutions in the marketplace.

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