AutoAlert Adds Functionality to Industry-First App with new Pando X.

KANSAS CITY, MO, January 25, 2018- Industry leading automotive software solutions provider AutoAlert today announced significant upgrades to its Pando dealership communication app.

Pando X builds upon the extensive feature set of the popular Pando, automotive’s first dealership communication app. Moving further beyond a communications tool, Pando X adds valuable time and personnel management components.

Along with new Manager and Sales Dashboards that incorporate more of AutoAlert’s AlertMiner, SLM, and ReviewPro functionalities, Pando X includes new PandoCalendar and PandoHR features.

PandoCalendar integrates with most common calendaring systems and allows users to view their AlertMiner agendas and daily engagement plans within the app. Users can quickly view their calendar anywhere in Pando X, with full event and appointment management.

PandoHR simplifies Human Resources for dealerships. Staying organized has never been easier thanks to PandoHR’s Asset Manager. Onboarding new employees can be streamlined using the New Hire checklist and task builder. HR information stays safe in PandoHR’s Document Manager, with encryption for more sensitive documents. PandoHR allows the user to view all employees and their open tasks, and add new tasks with assets and documents directly from the app.

Pando X retains all of the real-time performance capabilities dealers have come to rely on to manage staff, improve efficiency and deliver a better customer experience. “Having a tool that keeps your team informed and working together quickly is critical,” says Mike Dullea, AutoAlert’s CEO. “The upgrade to Pando X adds even more functionality to help dealers effectively manage day-to-day operations.”

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AutoAlert is widely known as an innovator and originator in the automotive software space. Its Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform has revolutionized the dealership-customer relationship, creating direct opportunities for meaningful connections and seamless experiences both online and offline.

Founded in 2002, AutoAlert quickly became known as a leader in equity-mining, data-mining, and trade-cycle management solutions. Now, AutoAlert is “Building for the Future,” with the advent of a.i. (automotive intelligence), pushing CXM beyond anything the industry has ever seen or utilized. AutoAlert’s unceasing innovation and pursuit of a better way for dealerships and OEMs to do business has led to the development of the most agile, effective software solutions in the marketplace.

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