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AutoAlert is a Certified Partner with Audi of America.

Dealers can take advantage of Co-Op opportunities with AlertMiner and One-to-One Intelligent Marketing—both products are reimbursable solutions as outlined in the Audi Tier 3 Marketing Fund Reimbursement Guidelines.

Predictive algorithms are applied to many levels of customer data within AlertMiner, identifying the top alert opportunities plus scoring based on their likelihood of purchasing today. These alerts engage the Right Customer, at the Right Time, allowing the Right Conservation to take place. Dealers experience Higher Sales Results and Higher-Than-Average Front & Back-End Gross rates with this pinpointed accuracy.

Our One to One Intelligent Marketing solution takes that data and makes it actionable, allowing your dealership to build individualized relationships with customers by streamlining monthly communications and delivering the right message at the right time. With our 360° consumer insights, behavioral triggers, and algorithms, we interact with your customers for you, turning your “Engaged” and “In-Market” customers into alerts; bringing them that much closer to a purchase.

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