Add Videos of Your Happy Customers to Social Media Marketing Programs

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Add Videos of Your Happy Customers to Social Media Marketing Programs

May 23, 2018

Today’s customers are changing how they get information and form opinions about the vehicles they want to purchase. With more and more shoppers turning to social media marketing research to gain insights, it’s important to ensure you position your dealership strategically to be in the right place at the right time.

According to a recent Google study, only 22% of online shoppers go on to actually purchase the original vehicle they were searching. And for you, this means big-time opportunity. It leaves the door wide open for you to influence potential buyers and bring them over to your camp.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to use social media to enhance your dealership’s presence is to utilize video of your happy customers—either taking delivery of their new or pre-owned vehicles or expressing their experiences in your service department. It’s a good practice to include all departments of your dealership, letting everyone know how every aspect of your dealership works and sharing a broad range of positive customer experiences.

You first have to understand that social media strategy is like a family BBQ. The family BBQ is where everyone gathers around and talks about what’s going on in their lives. They trade stories about positive and negative things. At a family BBQ, a positive or negative story about a retail experience could persuade others to either give that business an opportunity or avoid it altogether. Wouldn’t you want your happy customers to persuade their friends and family to give your dealership an opportunity to earn their business?

When your happy customers take delivery of their new or pre-owned vehicles or pick their vehicles up from your service department, have everyone gather around the vehicle and get a testimonial about how well your staff took care of them. It won’t matter whether your customers are inside the vehicle or outside; as long as you have good lighting and a positive atmosphere, you’ll end up with a positive video.

Keep the video short—no longer than 60 seconds. Your customers are excited to get home with their new purchase, and viewers won’t want to watch a video that’s much longer anyway.

Keep it casual and fun. People will be more likely to do business with you if you appear to be professional, but fun at the same time.

Introduce the family and your dealership at the beginning of the video.

“Here we have the Smith family taking delivery of their new (model) here at ABC Motors!”

Then ask the family just one question, which will help keep your video length to 60 seconds. Consider prompts like:

  • Tell us about your sales experience.
  • What do you like best about your new/pre-owned vehicle?
  • What is the first thing you will do with your new/pre-owned vehicle?
  • Where is the first place you will go with your new/pre-owned vehicle?
  • How did you enjoy your Service experience today?
  • If you could tell your family and friends just one thing about ABC Motors, what would it be?

Explain to the customer the video will be uploaded to the dealership’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, and website, giving them the option to share it where they please. Of course, permission is always a must beforehand and a nice incentive for the video is never a bad idea. A free oil change or a discount on their next service appointment provides them with even more of a reason to come back and say more good things.

Once you start building a series of videos, you can use them in your social media marketing and networking plans. Once a month, showcase a particularly great video on your dealership’s website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. Make sure you contact that customer whose video you are showcasing and thank that person again for the his or her business. Once again, when you offer an additional discount or service for allowing you to feature a video, it will help build your business.

Utilizing video to start to build your social media presence is both easy and fun. There is nothing more convincing to a prospective client than seeing happy and contented customers doing business at your store. The more videos you have, the better.

Be sure you have a way to continuously play these videos in your showroom or your service waiting area to provide reassurance to both customers and prospective customers, letting them know your dealership is an awesome place to do business.

Start utilizing video of your happy customers on your social media platforms. There is no better testimonial you can receive. A video with smiling faces and satisfied customers tells the story of happy and pleasant experiences at your dealership; and that’s social media gold.

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