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Today car buyers are more informed than ever before. You need more than yesterday’s technology. You need an intelligence tool that allows you to anticipate client needs and leverage critical information to create more new car sales. AutoAlert® dramatically impacts dealership sales, sales management, and marketing. Our team of technical, and data enhancement experts come together to bring you a sophisticated, far-reaching sales generating tool unmatched in the industry.

With all areas of your organization reading off the same page

You’ll be building long term client relationships, providing better service, making more informed marketing decisions, pricing your products competitively and you’ll be able to back it all up with an increase in profit.

Profits – that’s what you’re interested in

Increasing your dealership’s new car sales and profits. Whether that means segmenting your customers into sales opportunity categories, refining product offerings, increasing market share, maximizing the return on investment of your promotions or simply reducing expenses, AutoAlert® gives you the tools you need. Our flexible deal calculation feature enables you to use your organization’s financial data to meet your sales promotional needs.


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With AutoAlert, we have the tools to generate high-potential opportunities.

AutoAlert identifies opportune times to contact a customer based on advanced statistical analysis. AutoAlert tells us precisely when to create a financial transaction, whether it's to help them into a new car, purchase an extended warranty, or to manage their contract end from a financial implication viewpoint." Garth Blumenthal - Fletcher Jones Motorcars