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Establishing Patterns of Success
AutoAlert®, Inc.™ was established with the intent of providing the automotive dealership industry with products and services designed to enhance sales efforts and sales opportunities. These sales enhancement objectives are accomplished through providing dealerships with data harvesting-lead generation software programs, hardware, in house training and support.

The end result for automotive dealers is more proactive, relationship oriented sales efforts and greater sales volumes at significantly reduced client acquisition costs. Because of the depth of experience, technical knowledge and business acumen possessed by key AutoAlert® leadership, and also the advanced next-level line of lead generation products, AutoAlert® believes that its offerings have the potential of revolutionizing the way cars are sold in dealerships throughout the nation.


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With AutoAlert, we have the tools to generate high-potential opportunities.

AutoAlert identifies opportune times to contact a customer based on advanced statistical analysis. AutoAlert tells us precisely when to create a financial transaction, whether it's to help them into a new car, purchase an extended warranty, or to manage their contract end from a financial implication viewpoint." Garth Blumenthal - Fletcher Jones Motorcars